What are the properties of AF coating material (anti-fingerprint oil)? How to apply it conveniently

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  AF is the abbreviation of anti-fingerprint, and its full English name is anti-fingerprint. In order to achieve anti-fingerprint, we have to know AF anti-fingerprint oil (AF coating), which is an important core material of product anti-fingerprint. And easy to use and maintenance, to ensure the product in the whole life cycle of high-performance usability. This kind of AF anti-fingerprint oil can be divided into four categories: anti-bacterial, anti-friction, non-baking and smooth, which can meet the needs of different products in special scenarios.

What are the properties of AF coating material (anti-fingerprint oil)? How to apply it conveniently

  So what are the characteristics of these AF anti-fingerprint oils (AF coatings)?

  ① Prevent fingerprints and oil stains are not easy to adhere to, easy to erase

  ② Excellent adhesion, forming a complete molecular structure on the surface;

  ③Good optical properties, transparency, low viscosity;

  ④ Very low surface tension, good hydrophobic effect;

  ⑤Good weather resistance and chemical resistance;

  ⑥ Excellent friction resistance;

  ⑦ With good, durable antifouling, chemical properties;

  ⑧ Low dynamic friction coefficient, provide high quality hand feel.

  ⑨ Excellent optical performance, do not change the original texture

What are the properties of AF coating material (anti-fingerprint oil)? How to apply it conveniently

  After reading the above characteristics of AF fingerprint oil (AF coating), are you interested in AF fingerprint oil (AF coating)? AF anti-fingerprint oil (AF coating) manufacturers, welcome to come to consult! After understanding AF anti-fingerprint oil (AF coating), his application and use is also a lot of friends interested in, if you want to glass cover plate, toughened film and some optical products, how to apply? Rogen let xiaobian to tell you!

  Choose seismograph co AF plasma spraying machine, spraying of high efficiency and good efficiency, at the same time in the plasma, plasma cleaning process before spraying, AF fingerprint proof oil (AF) coating spraying effect is better, with automatic up-down material, material identification, in addition to static electricity system, at the same time can also be equipped with the baking line, intelligentize degree is high, flexibility is good, can according to the requirements of different enterprises, Customize different solutions.

  AF anti-fingerprint oil (AF coating), AF anti-fingerprint oil (AF coating) plasma spraying machine to identify the Zhenyi shares!


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