Quantitative liquid supply dual plasma cleaning AS/AF coating machine

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  When it comes to quantitative liquid supply dual plasma cleaning AS/AF coating machine, many people will immediately think of AF9800-3D curved dual coating machine of AF spraying equipment industry leading brand (Shaker) for 10 years. The equipment adopts quantitative liquid supply system + constant temperature and humidity control spraying system to replace the traditional steam pressure tank AS/AF coating machine, and has achieved good results in the industry application, and widely praised by market users.

Quantitative liquid supply dual plasma cleaning AS/AF coating machineg

  What is more interesting about this device is its dual Plasma cleaning function, which solves the production difficulties of many enterprises. It can discharge Plasma on the glass surface by rotating Plasma with low noise. It can quickly remove 2D, 2.5D, 3D surface radian consolidation material and carry out initial cleaning with the surface.

  At the same time, linear DBD dielectric barrier discharge technology is also used for product non-dead Angle waterfall secondary Plasma fine cleaning, so that the stains on the surface of the workpiece can not be hidden. So that the product coating requirements have a greater guarantee.

  It is worth mentioning that many enterprises in the production of curved glass, processing glass production, want to carry out secondary coating processing of glass products, the overflow plating problem of the potion has become the difficulty of these enterprises in the selection of spraying equipment. If you want to deal with it efficiently, the overflow plating problem has become a threshold for the selection of equipment, which stops many enterprises from entering or retreating. Now the seismoscope shares in the equipment in the working area of the negative pressure anti-overflow plating system, can effectively and timely discharge the spraying area of the liquid medicine volatile residue, but also block the possibility of overflow plating.

  Of course, the af9800-3D surface double coating machine can solve customers' problems and requirements are more than these, if you want to know more, please contact us as soon as possible!

  Buy AS/AF coating machine, please identify the shaker shares!

Quantitative liquid supply dual plasma cleaning AS/AF coating machine

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