What is anti-fingerprint screen saver coating (anti-fingerprint oil)?

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  Anti-fingerprint screen protector coating (anti-fingerprint oil) is a transparent material that protects the screen from scratches and prevents stains and large areas of fingerprints from covering the screen surface. This is a boon for easily touched devices such as those with touch screens or small screens, which can be protected by a fingerprint-resistant coating to make the screen cleaner and clearer. Many manufacturers manufacture these products for a variety of applications and can purchase custom products for specific equipment, as well as larger pieces of material that can be cut to a certain size, requiring fingerprint coating to improve product characteristics.

What is anti-fingerprint screen saver coating (anti-fingerprint oil)?

  In this regard, many industry leaders at home and abroad will choose AF anti-fingerprint coating coating equipment and anti-fingerprint screen protection coating (anti-fingerprint oil). AF is the industry leading brand of AF spraying equipment for 10 years. To improve the anti-fingerprint and anti-friction coating equipment of the screen, we will recognize the stock of vibration meter!

  The main purpose of selecting screen saver coating is to avoid external factors to the screen damage a major measure. Screen wear and scratches can affect viewing and damage screen components. Use an anti-fingerprint screen saver to keep the screen clean and provide a surface that is easy to dust or wipe.

  Such characteristics, consumer screen anti-fingerprint protection cleaning market demand is increasingly strong, anti-fingerprint screen protection coating (anti-fingerprint oil) can be used in portable devices as well as computer desktops and similar devices. At the same time, the screen can also add additional functions such as anti-glare protection, so that it is easier to use under bright conditions, so that the product in the market to buy more distinctive, more characteristic.

What is anti-fingerprint screen saver coating (anti-fingerprint oil)?

  The effect of fingerprint stains on screens is a common problem, especially on handheld and touchscreen devices. Normally, the process of oil stains on hands leaves stains and residues on the surface of the screen, which can affect the visibility of the screen over time. Affect the product experience, and at this point the advantages of anti-fingerprint screen saver coating will appear.

  Due to the increased complexity of manufacturing, the cost of anti-fingerprint coating is usually slightly higher. Consumers looking for screen savers may want to consider conditions of use when deciding which products best suit their needs. Manufacturers in the factory to solve the problem of anti-fingerprint protection for customers, then the product in the market will have a certain fluidity, and in the output is too large, it can not well meet the needs of market users. Then choose AF spraying equipment of seismometer here can solve this problem well. At the same time, seismometer can provide you with different solutions to help your products meet different requirements of anti-fingerprint screen coating coating requirements.

  It is also possible to combine multiple protection requirements into one product, such as anti-glare and anti-fingerprint screen protectors, so that people can use their devices in bright light without leaving fingerprints.

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