What is plasma surface activation?

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  Plasma surface activation is a process in which surface polymers are replaced by atoms of plasma, thereby increasing surface energy. In the major production links, plasma surface activation is usually used to prepare bonding/printing/coating/laminating process pre-treatment cleaning links, can make it in these processes to achieve the best quality and efficiency!

What is plasma surface activation?

  And plasma can effectively promote the activation and modification of workpiece surface. For example, in the production of many products, the surface must be painted, printed or glued, in order to achieve the best effect, the product surface needs to have good wettability, in order to ensure the quality of the product after these processes, as well as the service life.

  At present, in fact, many product surfaces will be wiped clean before they are actually produced to remove dust and impurities on the surface. By the naked eye is not as clean as the dust, but there are some other chemical impurities on the surface, is not visible to the naked eye. The existence of these impurities will lead to adhesives, ink, paint, and so on May fall off for a certain period of time, affecting product quality and user experience. The product itself is a good product, but when it is processed, these compound impurities are not removed. The product produced not only has a bad impact on the product itself, but also has a serious blow to its corporate reputation and brand influence.

What is plasma surface activation?

  So how do you get rid of these impurities? Then we can choose plasma to activate and modify the surface of the product to effectively improve the use experience and quality of the product. Seismometer shares Plasma Cleaner activation can help you change this situation. The plasma sprayed by the plasma cleaner can enhance its surface energy on the surface and form a molecular base associated with the liquid, improving wetting and making suitable liquids stick together better. Thus greatly improve the surface performance of the product, so that the surface treatment process to achieve the best effect.

  It introduces plasma activation, action, application, etc. After reading these, you know what is plasma surface activation? If you want to activate the product surface, please look for Guangdong Seismograph Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD.

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