Can the low surface performance of silicone materials be solved by using plasma cleaning equipment?

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  Nowadays, silica gel materials are widely used in various fields such as industry, life and medical treatment, and the market demand is also relatively large, but want to use special process to treat the silica gel surface, so that it can reach the standard of the applied industry. But there is a problem, that is, the surface performance of silica gel material is low, unable to achieve the target effect, which has become a major difficulty in the industry!

Can the low surface performance of silicone materials be solved by using plasma cleaning equipment?

  In this regard, as the plasma cleaning equipment of the leading brand in the industry for ten years (Seismometer), it can easily solve the problem of inefficient surface performance in the silica gel industry. Through the plasma cleaning equipment of seismometer, the hydrophilicity of the silica gel surface can be effectively improved, so as to meet the technical needs of specific industries. Want to know more: what are the surface contaminants that can be treated by plasma cleaning machine for surface cleaning?

  In the process of plasma cleaning equipment operation, the kinetic energy is usually several to dozens of electron volts, the kinetic energy of the fusion bond is higher than the polymer raw material (more than ten electron volts), the ionic bond of the organic chemical polymer can be completely destroyed, the formation of new bonds. However, in contrast to higher-energy X-rays, it only touches the surface without compromising its properties.

  In plasma, electrons in non-thermal equilibrium are high in energy and break ionic bonds in the molecular structure of the surface layer of the material. Under appropriate technical standards, plasma surface CPUS are used to clean surface dirt. At the same time of improving surface properties, O2 is added to different functional groups to change the surface from non-polar to corresponding positive and negative, adhesion and water absorption. Suitable for adhesion, coating and packaging printing and other industries.

  Seismometer plasma cleaning equipment can not only solve the problem of low performance of silica gel surface, but also easy to use, cleaning effect is very good, high work efficiency, low operation cost and other characteristics, the most important is the high degree of intelligent seismometer plasma cleaning equipment, At the same time, seismograph can also provide you with the more advanced AF anti-fingerprint /AG anti-glare spraying equipment on the market. Solution technology mature, cost-effective, good service!

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