What is an anti-glare screen? How to make anti-glare screen

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  The name "anti-glare screen" suggests that it is a functional screen with a coating that minimizes diffuse reflection. Its efficiency depends on the fog value and the screen surface. This is a knowledge guide on how to help you.

What is an anti-glare screen? How to make anti-glare screen

  And the production of anti glare screen now tend to come from the manufacturer has the function of anti glare, and the function of anti glare at present there is no doubt that is the best partner for market share, and manufacturers want to implement anti glare screen to screen, you need to use seismic instrument co efficient anti glare coating equipment and light anti-glare coating, and make the anti glare on is not so easy, You can choose to contact the seismometer directly, to develop professional, matching, and mature personalized customization program for you, to meet the production and production of anti-glare screens in your factory.

What is an anti-glare screen? How to make anti-glare screen AG-8000.jpg

  So why make an anti-glare screen? Anti-glare screen can solve the market consumers which pain point needs, so that the majority of consumers accept it? Through market research, we find that people are besieged by dazzling light in their daily life, partly from the source of glare, partly from the refraction of glare; When we actually operate electronic display screen equipment such as computer, we often reflect the scenery outside the display screen to the surface of the display screen (glare is the light from the light source (such as the sun) reflected from the window or screen, which makes it difficult to see what is happening on the display screen). , and can not see it, which also forms a large number of consumers to the use of electronic products. Diffuses in order to better solve the glare of the screen, to the user to use the product for a long time the eye fatigue, blind, can't see, and so on and so forth, many manufacturers choose both of anti glare screen gradually solve the problem of the spot market users, so as to choose the seismograph co AG anti glare sprayer manufacturers, after solve the problem of anti glare of the screen, have a good market feedback.

  These glare effects can be reduced with the help of the shaker AG anti-glare spray machine and anti-glare coating. For high efficiency/high quality production of anti-glare screen, please look for the shock instrument AG anti-glare spraying machine (mature program, efficient equipment, more satisfactory service).

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