Plasma cleaning machine operation, those common problems how to deal with?

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  When you just began to operate a plasma cleaning machine, there will always be some simple problems, such as what matters needing attention before the boot, how to adjust the plasma cleaning machine, plasma speed control in the best effect and so on. How do we deal with run-time common problems we encounter every day?

Plasma cleaning machine operation, those common problems how to deal with?

  If you operate and run the plasma cleaning machine, encountered all kinds of common problems, you can immediately like plasma cleaning machine manufacturers (seismometers consulting), and then you can also consult experienced people, consult manufacturers is undoubtedly the best choice, of course, these common problems, after you buy the plasma cleaning machine, The plasma cleaning machine manufacturer will conduct professional training for your team after the acceptance of the project, so that they have a full understanding of the common problems during the operation of the plasma cleaning machine, safety matters and equipment maintenance and so on, and familiar with the application in the work.

  Today, Rogen stock small series in order to avoid everyone because of some common problems and stop, will simply list and answer the common problems in the operation of plasma cleaning machine;

  1, how about the processing efficiency of plasma cleaning machine?

  The processing efficiency of the plasma cleaning machine is very high, and the processing speed is up to 0-60mm/s

  2, plasma cleaning machine processing time

  The chemical modification of polymer surface by plasma cleaning machine is due to free radicals. The longer the plasma equipment is treated, the greater the power of discharge is, so this is a need for a good grasp.

Plasma cleaning machine operation, those common problems how to deal with?

  3, plasma cleaning machine does not light how to deal with?

  First, check the causes. There are two possibilities: 1. 2. Rf power supply motherboard burns out;

  So how do you deal with that? In view of these two cases, we should first clear treatment measures: first check whether the vacuum pump is working properly, check whether the vacuum pressure gauge value reaches the normal pressure value; If the normal pressure cannot be reached, it means that there is leakage in the air path and it is necessary to re-check whether the air path is fixed.

  4, the cleaning effect can not meet the requirements, and how to deal with the adverse situation?

  Also check the reasons, the reasons for this situation may be: plasma power is not enough or the selection of inappropriate reaction gas two factors! That how to solve: first adjust the power knob, improve the power; Secondly, check whether the process gas matches reasonably; If you still can not solve the problem, please immediately consult the plasma cleaning machine brand manufacturers (shock instrument shares) after-sales customer service, timely processing and solution!

  The above is about plasma cleaning machine in the process of running encountered these common problems in the way to deal with, and find common problems, troubleshooting, processing and other ways, I hope these contents will help you! More content please pay attention to seismograph shares!

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