What is a plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment)?

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  What is a plasma cleaner? Plasma cleaning machine is a kind of high-tech new technology equipment which can not achieve the effect of conventional cleaning method by using plasma, and is also known as plasma surface treatment equipment. It is the use of the fourth state of the material "plasma" ions, electrons, atoms, active groups, excited state nuclide (metastable), photons and other active components of the characteristics of the substrate surface processing, so as to achieve cleaning, coating and other purposes. What's more interesting is that the plasma cleaner does more than that!

What is a plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment)?

  A, plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment) function

  1, plasma surface cleaning

  Seismometer Plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment) can remove organic pollutants on the surface of materials. The cleaned material will be more suitable for bonding and spraying. In the medical supplies industry, plasma surface cleaning is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical cleaning.

  2. Plasma surface activation

  Plasma surface activation refers to the nanoscale activation of the surface layer of materials to enhance the molecular activity of the surface and improve its adhesion ability. This technology is commonly used as a pretreatment for inkjet and printing industry applications.

  3, plasma surface etching

  Plasma surface etching means that the surface of the material will show a large roughness under the microscope after being processed by plasma machine. The technology, which improves material adhesion because it better attaches ink to profiles, is widely used in the inkjet printing industry and packaging industry.

  4. Plasma surface coating

  After plasma surface coating, the chemical molecular structure of the material surface changes and becomes slightly different from the chemical structure of the material itself. More radical groups are produced on the surface to improve the activation. The treated material has a higher surface activity, facilitating subsequent bonding, printing or spraying processes.

What is a plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment)?

  B,Custom surface treatment using atmospheric plasma and low-pressure plasma

  Plasma pretreatment is a key technology for fine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating, and is suitable for almost all types of materials -- from plastics, metals and glass to paperboard, textiles and composites. More and more traditional industrial pretreatment methods are being replaced by plasma technology to make the process more efficient and environmentally friendly.

  Innovation is essential to what we do. We are committed to developing new and creative solutions to meet our customers' challenges. Seismometer offers a wide range of plasma systems and equipment for atmospheric plasma processes and low pressure plasma technologies. Buy plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment), identify the seismometer shares!

     C, the working principle of plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment)

  Our atmospheric plasma system only uses gas and electricity to operate. Of course, specific gases can be used if needed. Our products can be installed directly on existing assembly lines without interrupting existing processes; Achieve innovative, cost-effective and efficient online surface pretreatment.

  The working principle of the machine is that plasma produces a series of comprehensive chemical and physical reactions. Under high pressure, the gas ionizes and produces highly reactive free radicals. These free radicals will further react with organic contaminants on the surface of the material and pass through the material. Particle bombardment on the surface roughens, activates and increases the hydrophilicity of the surface, making it a good process for viscose, printing and spraying.

What is a plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment)?

  D, plasma cleaning machine (plasma surface treatment equipment) process gas recommendation:

  1. Argon: Physical bombardment is the mechanism of argon cleaning. Argon is the most efficient physical plasma cleaning gas because of its large atomic size. You can bombard the sample surface with a lot of force. The positive argon ions will be attracted to the negative plate. The impact is strong enough to remove any dirt from the surface. The gaseous sludge is then removed by a vacuum pump.

  2.Oxygen: Chemical process in which the plasma reacts with compounds on the surface of the sample. For example, organic pollutants can be effectively removed with oxygen plasma, where oxygen plasma reacts with pollutants to produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water. Generally speaking, chemical reactions are better at removing organic pollutants.

  3, hydrogen: hydrogen can be used to remove metal surface oxides. It is often mixed with argon gas to improve the removal rate. People are generally concerned about the flammability of hydrogen, which is used in very small quantities. A bigger concern is hydrogen storage. We can use hydrogen generators to produce hydrogen from water. Thus removing the potential harm.

  4, CF4/SF6: fluorinated gas in the semiconductor industry and PWB (printed circuit board) industry is widely used. There is only one application in IC packaging. These gases are used in the PADS process, by which the oxide is converted to fluoride oxide, allowing fluidless welding.

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