High efficiency anti-fingerprint overall solution (spray coating + anti-fingerprint nano-coating)

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  In daily life, the touch screen use frequency and application range is quite high, in which there will inevitably be scratches and stains, especially oil stains and fingerprint stains in the impact of the aesthetic situation is also difficult to remove. The screen protector is not only troublesome, but also costly and ineffective. And this has become a lot of touch screen manufacturers and touch product manufacturers a big difficulty, how to solve the market this pain point problem!

High efficiency anti-fingerprint overall solution (spray coating + anti-fingerprint nano-coating)

  Now, want to solve this problem, many manufacturers have chosen seismograph co efficient products for the fingerprint of the overall solution, this scheme solves the two problems of the industry, customers is a process for its production more efficient and convenient, high degree of automation (with spray coating process), the second is through selecting the fingerprint nano coating market difficult problem, The series of anti-fingerprint nano-coating developed by seismograph has the characteristics of excellent performance, easy to use, affordable, safety and environmental protection. At the same time, AF anti-fingerprint coating solution equipped with shock meter can help your products have anti-fingerprint, hydrophobic, anti-pollution, anti-scratch and other characteristics, to meet the needs of different products.

High efficiency anti-fingerprint overall solution (spray coating + anti-fingerprint nano-coating)

  What are the application industries of the overall anti-fingerprint solution?

  1. Electronic products industry

  2. Automobile industry

  3. Consumer goods

  4, new energy, etc

  5. Healthcare

  6. Smart home industry

High efficiency anti-fingerprint overall solution (spray coating + anti-fingerprint nano-coating)

  What is more interesting about this solution is that in the process of solving the customer's process, the plasma technology adopted by the plasma spraying coating equipment of The shock instrument can effectively help fast night products with high quality anti-fingerprint coating. Nowadays, touch screen, LCD screen and all kinds of products with high frequency are used in modern society. The production process has not a small test, the customer's requirements for production process is also extremely high, choose plasma as the front cleaning technology, become the best matching way. Seismometer can not only provide differentiated high quality and mature solutions for different customers, but also perfect supporting equipment.

  Now, if you want to have the anti-fingerprint functional coating of the product, you must be highly transparent, not to affect the appearance of the product, but also to upgrade the appearance of the product, scratch resistance, wear resistance, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil stains and so on. If you want professional solutions, look for seismoscope shares, so that the industry's high degree of automation requires that the surface treatment process can be carried out online with the highest reliability, with high efficiency to provide high-quality anti-fingerprint nano coating coating film!

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