How about af9000-800 linear plasma coating machine?

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  Now it is the end of 2021, and the New Year is coming. In this year, As a leading brand in AF spraying equipment industry, Shaker has also released a lot of SPRAYING machines such as AF anti-fingerprint /AG anti-glare /AB protection ink, as well as a lot of related supporting equipment for overall solutions. Such as plasma cleaning machine/deplating machine, grinding repair machine, water drop Angle tester, dynamic friction tester and tunnel furnace, plate cleaning line, loading and unloading machine and other equipment products. And interesting is that many friends are more interested in seismograph AF9000-800 linear plasma coating machine, want to know how it is?

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  Af9000-800 linear plasma coating machine and AF98003D curved linear plasma automatic AF spraying equipment, 7500 anti-fingerprint spraying machine are the best-selling products of shock instrument stock in 2021, with many shipments and mature technology. In addition, these three models of equipment can also solve different levels of customer needs and applications.

  Af9000-800 is the high-end AF coating equipment of Shameter. It adopts linear plasma design to clean the workpiece before coating to reduce the impurities attached to the workpiece. It adopts point contact transmission high pressure spraying to reduce the product contamination rate and improve product quality. Online spraying can be realized to improve machine productivity and greatly reduce costs.

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  At the same time with spraying dosage intelligent control system, equipment set liquid flow and weight detection function, can be set according to different customer quality requirements liquid flow value, the system can automatically control the oil output per minute and spraying uniformity according to the set value, can effectively ensure the consistency and stability of each piece of spraying produced.

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  In the aspect of safety production, the system will automatically identify the alarm prompt or stop processing function, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of batch bad quality. Alarm prompt can be displayed on the display screen and automatically stop the equipment, alarm prompt, can effectively prevent the occurrence of batch poor quality (such as: plasma alarm, low water flow alarm, low air pressure alarm, spraying liquid is too low, spraying liquid flow is not in the set range of operation).

  Reinforcing beams are added at both ends of the equipment to ensure the flatness of the equipment line to the greatest extent and make the transmission more smooth.

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  So, how about af9000-800 linear plasma coating machine? Af9000-800 linear plasma coating machine as high-end equipment, is a very good equipment, he is very matched with many of the fingerprint coating process requirements, high efficiency of the enterprise, to help its enterprises to provide more high-quality product coating process, can also open the speed of its transformation into a major market competitiveness of the enterprise grab.

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