AF anti-fingerprint spray machine why choose plasma cleaning technology (do you know)?

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  Before we understand why AF anti-fingerprint spraying machine chooses plasma cleaning technology, we need to carry out a further analysis with the purpose of learning. At present, the products on the market want to achieve anti-fingerprint function has become a market demand. In order to solve this problem, in terms of cost, quality and production process and efficiency, anti-fingerprint oil (anti-fingerprint nano-coating) has become the best material to realize the anti-fingerprint function of products (anti-fingerprint oil is recognized as the stock of seismic instrument).

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  Why is anti-fingerprint oil (anti-fingerprint nano-coating) the best choice? Because anti-fingerprint oil (anti-fingerprint nano-coating) has the characteristics of hydrophobic, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, wear-resistant and smooth, so that many products in terms of performance and use experience can get a qualitative improvement. It is because of the emergence of anti-fingerprint oil (anti-fingerprint nano-coating) that the anti-fingerprint, anti-fouling properties of these products are possible.

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  And the selection of anti-fingerprint oil (anti-fingerprint nano-coating) has three pain points, if the AF anti-fingerprint spraying machine is not adopted, this will also be a headache. So what are these three pain points?

  1. The surface tension of the product is not enough

  Surface tension is we can not detect with the naked eye, there are stains on the surface of the product, oxide and so on, even if the anti-fingerprint oil (anti-fingerprint nano-coating) coating, the effect can not achieve the desired effect, and the anti-fingerprint oil (anti-fingerprint nano-coating) will easily fall off.

  2. It is difficult to improve production capacity

  In the absence of AF anti-fingerprint spraying machine and the use of manual, the degree of automation is low, and the production capacity is unable to keep up with the development needs of enterprises.

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  3, the uniformity of the coating is difficult to ensure

  The uniformity of the coating is also the key to the quality of the finished products. The uniformity can not be satisfied, and it will be a major obstacle to the progress of the coating process.

  If you choose the plasma spray coating machine of seismograph shares, the above three problems will be solved.

  First, aimed at the problem of surface tension is not enough, the AF the seismograph shares fingerprint sprayer according to the requirements of the different fingerprint proof coating by using linear plasma technology and rotating plasma technology, South Korea in the oil fingerprint (anti fingerprint nano coating) preprocessing before spraying, also is what we call a plasma cleaning, and then into the spraying area.

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  What about plasma cleaning technology? What are its technical advantages?

  Plasma cleaning technology is an effective, economical and environmentally friendly surface treatment method. Compared to traditional wet cleaning methods (including solvent cleaning residues themselves), plasma cleaning can remove natural and technical oil at the nanoscale, reducing pollution by up to six times. Plasma purifies the original surface and can be bonded or further processed without generating hazardous waste.

  This is also a step with the enterprise's clean, efficient, green environmental protection development goals echo, let the enterprise go further on the road of development. Now you know why AF anti-fingerprint spray machine to choose plasma cleaning technology!

  Secondly, the current products want to realize the two big pain points of anti-fingerprint function, is the production capacity and the uniformity of the coating, for the two big pain points of the shock meter shares have professional solutions!

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  For capacity: integration of fingerprint proof coating process for seismograph share the overall solution, a solution for it is not only in terms of plasma cleaning coating line speed, at the same time, there are more intelligent in baking, after a period of automatic up-down material equipment and IR line, at the same time also can according to the needs of different users realize the lapping repair, cleaning out plating, etc. To make their enterprise's capacity more efficient.

  For uniformity, the AF the fingerprints of seismograph shares sprayer used spraying dosage, intelligent control system, equipment set up liquid flow rate and weight detection function, can be set up according to different customer quality requirement liquid flow value, automatic control system can be set up according to the value of the quantity of oil per minute and the spraying uniformity, which can effectively ensure the production of each piece of spraying the consistency and stability.

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