The Principle and Application of the Plasma Cleaning Machine

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  At present, plasma cleaning machines are one of the important pieces of equipment for surface treatment. The principle of plasma cleaning machines is to clean the surface of material by plasma technology. A discharge in a plasma gun can form an atmospheric plasma. When air is introduced into the spray gun, the gas is changed into plasma through discharge, and then the product surface is cleaned. The charged arc is confined to the nozzle while the plasma geometry is determined.

The Principle and Application of the Plasma Cleaning Machine

  Ⅰ Plasma cleaning machine cleaning principle

  1,Seanreie CS plasinki refction, activatio bond energy

  Particles in the plasma are between 0 and 20 eV, and the bond energy in the polymer is greater than 0 to 10 eV.

  2,Physical effect of etching material surfacePlasma cleaning machine A large number of ions, excited molecules, free radicals, and other active particles act on the surface of solid samples, which not only removes the original contaminants and impurities on the surface but also produces an etching effect, makes the surface of the samples rough, forms many tiny holes, makes the specific surface of the samples coarser, and makes the surface of the samples more moist.

  3,Formation of new functional groups-chemical influence: if reactive gases are introduced into discharge gases, complex chemical reactions will occur on the surface of the substances and new functional groups will be generated, such as hydrocarbon groups, amino groups, carboxyl groups, etc.

The Principle and Application of the Plasma Cleaning Machine

  Ⅱ What is the usage of the plasma cleaner?

  1,Plasma surface treatment equipment, also known as plasma machines, Plasma cleaning machine cleaning is not clean, but is to be dealt with, is to be responded to.

  2,According to the mechanism, a plasma cleaning machine uses an electromagnetic field to excite the plasma, which then cleans the object's surface through physical and chemical reactions.

  3,In two cases, the contaminants can be removed from the surface, and the final suction by the vacuum pump is the physical reaction mechanism of the surface to be cleaned by bombardment by active particles.

  4,Chemical reaction mechanism The chemical reaction mechanism is to absorb volatile substances through a vacuum pump, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning various active particles and reacting with pollutants to form volatile substances.

  5,plasma cleaning machine cannot wash away all dirt; its main purpose is to remove some substances and material surface modification treatments.

  Plasma cleaning machines mainly depend on the activated particles in the plasma "activation" to achieve the goal of cleaning surface stains. Plasma cleaning machines are the principle of such. Plasma cleaning typically includes the following processes in terms of reaction mechanism: excitation of inorganic gas in plasma state; adsorption of gaseous matter on a solid surface; generation of molecules by chemical reaction of adsorbed groups with molecules on a solid surface; formation of product molecules in gas phase; and surface reaction residue.

  This is on the principle of plasma cleaning machines and how to use them. We have any ideas, such as you are interested in a plasma cleaning machine, welcome to contact us. Oh!

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