How to add anti-reflective coating to glasses? How should glass lens manufacturers solve the anti-reflection problem?

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  With the rapid development of various consumer electronic products, LED displays have become the central hub for the interaction between people and things in the world. Because the data transmission and efficiency are much higher than traditional interactive methods. Therefore, LED display interaction has become the core of information interaction terminals (such as computer displays, mobile phones, ipads, notebooks, outdoor advertisements, TVs, etc.), and they have become an important way for people to receive and transmit information. 


  However, under the background of this era, we will find that more and more people wear glasses with the growth of time. Under different application scenarios, the requirements for glasses lenses are also getting higher and higher. There are many kinds, including sunglasses, myopia glasses, reading glasses, swimming goggles and so on. But the main purpose in the use scene of the eyes is to protect the eyes, and secondly, let your eyes not be irritated by strong light or other irritating light when looking at other things.

  If I need to wear glasses, I should make sure they are as practical as possible. Style is important, but you can see clearly even when driving at night or on a sunny day. Many times, bright lights will cause glare, which actually makes it harder to see. Therefore, more and more customers decide to buy anti-reflective coating glasses for their glasses.


  The addition of anti-reflection coatings to opticians is divided into several groups. Lens manufacturers need to upgrade automated process equipment to increase production capacity to ensure sales. Upgrade the automatic anti-reflective spray coating equipment to efficiently and intelligently increase the yield and production capacity of anti-reflective lenses. So how to add anti-reflective coating to glasses? In response to this problem, it is necessary to add anti-reflective coatings to the opticians. Generally, lens manufacturers begin to apply anti-reflective coatings to the lenses during the manufacturing process.

  As a provider of equipment solutions for the glass process, Seismic Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and manufacturing of process equipment such as anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint, protective film, cleaning and deplating, etc. Regarding the issue of anti-reflective coatings for glasses, Seismic will be able to purchase anti-radiation glasses directly from marketers in order for market consumers to also solve the problems of production efficiency, productivity and quality yield of glasses lens manufacturers. Guangdong Zhenyi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. allows lens manufacturers to no longer worry about the production capacity of anti-reflective coatings, and allows consumers to buy anti-reflective glasses directly.

  If you are a glass manufacturer and need to solve the problems of anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, anti-reflection, etc., please contact AF/AG/Protective Ink Plasma Cleaning Coating Machine Coating Equipment Co., Ltd., and we will provide you with professional spray coating solutions. plan.


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