Does Zhenyi have any small AF anti-fingerprint spraying equipment?

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  Recently, I paid attention to a netizen, Mr. Zhang, who left a message to us on the Internet: I saw that Seismic has always been producing large-scale equipment, and our company now needs a small-scale equipment. I don’t know if you have any small-scale anti-fingerprint spraying equipment. ? Regarding Mr. Zhang's question, I also talked to him privately. Rogen is also here to tell you that Seismic Co., Ltd. not only manufactures large-scale spraying equipment, but we have all kinds of large, medium and small equipment. Friends in need can contact Rogen. Oh!

        Does Zhenyi have any small AF anti-fingerprint spraying equipment?


  Seismic has indeed produced a lot of large-scale equipment, and many friends may have overlooked that Seismic is also making small-scale equipment. The AF6500 and AF7500 of the anti-fingerprint spraying equipment belong to the small AF spraying equipment, and are equipped with a complete set of automatic loading and unloading equipment. The AF6500 is a small non-plasma equipment, and the AF7500 is an anti-fingerprint with plasma pretreatment to the back It is a small equipment that integrates chemical spraying, and can also be equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment to make production more efficient. So here you can tell all of you clearly that in addition to large-scale equipment, there are also small and medium-sized spraying equipment!

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