How does anti-glare come about? What is AG anti-reflective anti-glare film?

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  Glare has caused a lot of trouble for us in our daily life. When we let us pass through some kind of glass or other highly reflective materials, it will reduce our visibility of things, cause eye fatigue, etc., sometimes Unnecessary accidents may even occur. So let’s take a look at the anti-reflective anti-glare coating today. Before understanding the Anti-Glare anti-glare AG anti-glare coating, let’s take a look at what is glare and how it is produced.

       How does anti-glare come about? What is AG anti-reflective anti-glare film?


  How does anti-glare come about? What is AG anti-reflective anti-glare film?

  In life, we are all troubled by glare. When operating a computer, we often worry that there is reflected light on the surface of the display screen, so that we cannot see the display content; when we look at the items in the glass showcase, the reflection of the glass surface usually makes you unclear about the observation window. Scenery; when driving at night, the light from the car behind will affect the line of sight and cause safe driving problems. These glare is due to the reflection of the glass surface, because ordinary glass has a high reflectivity.

  The glare of the touch screen display is mainly caused by two aspects:

  1. Generated from the display itself;

  2. Project indoor and outdoor lighting on the reflective glare produced on the display screen.

  This kind of glare not only affects the display performance of the display, but also hurts our eyes; external light interferes with the LCD screen very much. When the external light is strong, some LCD and LED displays show reflected glare because their glass plates interfere with the normal display; when used outdoors, the display performance is greatly reduced; it will make the user's display screen unable to adapt to the bright feeling. It is very obvious and may cause disgust, discomfort, and even loss of visibility. Especially in the case of long-term use, it is more likely to cause eye fatigue.

  Anti-glare AG film for touch screen display

  In order to reduce the interference of external ambient light, reduce the light reflection of the display itself, and make the screen clearer, more colorful, and more saturated, more and more touch screen manufacturers have begun to pay attention and adopt anti-glare film to use AG.

  AG, that is Anti-Gale, that is anti-reflection or anti-glare, AG film is an anti-glare layer mixed in an optical PET protective film, or it is taken on the surface to replace or more layers of optical refractive material (fine particles) to form Diffused non-light uneven film, anti-glare film reflected light and external light scattering (by irregularly reflecting the incident light in the uneven surface), making visible light soft, AG anti-glare film can significantly reduce reflected glare, Improve the visibility of the display.

  The anti-glare treatment AG film shows the surface effect of haze. It looks a bit like a scrub film, but the processing process will be higher than that of a matte film. The price of the AG film is slightly more expensive. AG film optics can be adjusted according to actual needs, including light transmittance, haze, Scratch resistance, thickness and other indicators, films are usually used in various electronic flat touch screen outdoor LCD advertising machines, vehicle navigation center control screens, hotels, home smart touch screens, etc.

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