What is af coating? What is the af coating process?

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  What is AF coating? Before explaining what AF coating is, we need to understand what AF is? AF can be interpreted as anti-fingerprint oil (nano-coating), which has good water resistance and oil releasability. It is mainly used in touch screens to reduce dust and fingerprints adhering to the surface.

       What is af coating? What is the af coating process?


  It is an anti-fingerprint protective film with a strong selling point in the market, which solves the problem of matte film and high permeability film that "cannot have both" in the past. It not only can effectively prevent fingerprints, oil stains and dust, but also has a high light transmittance without the foggy feeling on the surface of the matte film.

  And AF coating is to spray this AF anti-fingerprint oil on the surface of the medium that needs to be treated, so that AF anti-fingerprint liquid can apply its own excellent characteristics to these media, so as to play a better experience and market value .

  Speaking of this, many friends will ask, what is the process flow of AF coating? What equipment is needed?

  In response to this problem, as the editor of AF/AG/AR protective ink spraying equipment manufacturer Zhenyi Stock, I must come to communicate with everyone. The basic process of AF coating process is pre-treatment, spraying, baking, cleaning and other processes. In these processes, the more detailed process is the appearance inspection of incoming materials. Product wiping, plasma cleaning, spray coating, baking, water homogeneity inspection, coating inspection, water drop angle test, etc.

  So what are these process steps in detail?

  (1) Pre-treatment: Use weak alkaline cleaning agent or solvent to remove oil, moisture and other pollution on the surface of the substrate, and the cleaning effect will be better;

  (2) Spraying: the AF liquid is plated on the surface of the product to form a film

  (3) Baking: take it out after spraying, put it in the oven, adjust the baking time and temperature according to the product material

  (4) Cleaning: After the product is cleaned, the finished product is packaged

  The AF anti-fingerprint coating is processed on the appearance of the smartphone to achieve effective waterproofing and achieve a certain degree of dust and oil drainage, which can greatly protect the safety of electronic products to a certain extent and extend the service life. At present, this kind of anti-fingerprint technology is gradually used on the back panel of smart phones, and other touch screens will also increase the application of AF anti-fingerprint technology.

  The above is the af coating that the editor of Seismic Co., Ltd. Rogen wants to share with you? What is the process flow of af coating? For details, if you don’t know anything about AF spray coating, or want to know more about seismograph spray equipment, welcome to consult editor Rogen, we will answer for you at any time!

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