What are the characteristics of Zhenyi's dual-nozzle dual plasma coating machine with tunnel furnace? Good use

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  With the continuous development of the trend of international consumer products, various industries have increasing demand for workpiece coating. Traditional small equipment can no longer fully meet the daily production capacity and yield requirements of this type of enterprise. Therefore, as a 10-year-experienced spraying manufacturer, Seismic Co., Ltd. provides a technical solution for this type of enterprise with a tunnel furnace, dual nozzles, and dual plasma coating machine. What are the characteristics of this dual-nozzle dual plasma coating machine with tunnel furnace?

What are the characteristics of Zhenyi's dual-nozzle dual plasma coating machine with tunnel furnace? Good use

  1. Equipped with a high-pressure to low-pressure atomizing nozzle imported from Germany, which can be pneumatically with zero air pressure, so that the liquid molecules are more refined without affecting the effect of the potion.

  2. The flow rate adopts a constant flow supply system to ensure that the liquid medicine is a stable and constant flow, rather than a wave-line type flow, which solves the white fog phenomenon to the greatest extent.

  3. The nozzle speed can reach 1.2m/s, which greatly improves production efficiency.

  4. Our company has its own equipment R&D department and coating production line. The feasibility of the equipment structure and process can be verified directly, ensuring that the equipment's syrup dosage and efficiency are the best ratio in the industry.

  5. It has the function of identifying incoming materials, reducing the waste of liquid medicine and the loss of plasma function, and has the effect of high efficiency and energy saving, which can effectively extend the life of the equipment.

  6. Automatic alarm and foolproof system for low air pressure to prevent poor batch quality due to low air pressure.

  7. Alarm reminder, which can effectively prevent poor batch quality.

  8. The heating air circulation of the tunnel furnace makes the ink dry quickly, has the characteristics of saving labor and good stability!

  After reading the introduction of the characteristics of the "Tunnel Furnace, Dual Nozzle and Dual Plasma Coating Machine", do you still want to know if the tunnel furnace double nozzle and double plasma coating machine is useful? This type of equipment Seismograph has passed multiple certifications in the market. It is indeed highly efficient, energy-saving, and good in quality. It is indeed very easy to use! If you think it is okay, please contact us as soon as possible!

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