What is plasma? How is plasma produced?

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  When we perform AF anti-fingerprint process or AF anti-glare process, or in other processes, plasma is required for pre-treatment before processing. The main function is to perform plasma cleaning on the substrate to be processed, using plasma As a cleaning medium, it cleans impurities and contaminants on the surface of electronic equipment, samples and support membranes. So what is plasma here? How is the plasma produced?


  Before answering this question, let’s analyze it from the following conditions: "How does the gas change when the temperature continues to rise?" Scientists tell us that at this time the atoms that make up the molecule are separated to form independent atoms, nitrogen. The splitting of a molecule into two nitrogen atoms is called the dissociation of molecules in the gas. If the temperature is further increased, the electrons in the atom will separate from the atom and become a positively charged nucleus and a negatively charged electron. This process is called ionization of atoms. Plasma is formed when the ionization process takes place.

  The above is the formation process of plasma, and it is also an overview of "What is plasma? How is plasma produced?" If you are interested in this kind of content, please continue to pay attention to Seismograph!

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