Plasma gun for the use of plasma spraying equipment

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  When using Seismic's plasma spraying equipment, the plasma gun is an important part of the atmospheric plasma jet for pre-processing and cleaning the sprayed objects. When the plasma spraying equipment is processing the surface of the material object, it is necessary to control the plasma spray gun and the processed material object. An optimal distance in front of the surface, and this optimal distance is the plasma jet area cleaned by plasma spraying. What matters should we pay attention to during the use of the plasma spray gun when we use the spraying equipment?


  1. During work, the processed materials must not be left in the plasma jet area for a long time to avoid high temperature damage or the risk of burning! During operation, prevent human hands from touching and causing burns!

  2. There is a high voltage in the plasma gun and its cables. Take care to prevent accidental damage and cause electric shock! Before opening the case, the power supply must be cut off.

  3. There are ceramic materials in the plasma gun. Avoid damage caused by impact during movement, installation and use.

  4. After long-term use, a certain amount of dirt will be generated in the plasma gun body, please regularly maintain and clean the dirt and replace the worn-out parts in time.

  The above is the relevant content of "We need to pay attention to the plasma spray gun in the use of spraying equipment". I hope it will be helpful to you when using the plasma spraying equipment of Seismic. Of course, you are buying the plasma spraying of Seismic. After the equipment, Zhenyi shares will arrange the corresponding after-sales training for you, teach you how to use plasma spraying equipment, reduce your misunderstandings in use, and improve your company's work efficiency!

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