What brand is good for 3D glass protection ink spraying equipment?

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  From the previous 2D glass, 2.5D glass to 3D glass, with the passage of time and the development of the market. The application market share of these glasses has also changed from 2D glass to 2.5 glass to 3D glass, making 3D glass the glass category with the largest market share among the current glass types.

What brand is good for 3D glass protection ink spraying equipment?

  When these glass manufacturers produce these 3D glasses, they will choose 3D protective ink spraying equipment to meet their own production processes. Many glass manufacturers do not know which brand to choose when choosing a protective ink spraying machine? I don’t know what brand is good. Here, Xiaobian Rogen will recommend the leading manufacturer of 3D glass protection ink spraying equipment for you in the market. Will tell you which brand of D glass protective ink spraying equipment is better!

  When it comes to the protection of ink spraying equipment manufacturers which is better, which brand is better? Then you must first choose Seismic Instrument. Guangdong Seismic Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and has a single-family industrial park with a plant area of ??7,000 square meters, including Zhenkun Chemical, Seismic Co., Ltd., and Seismic Industry. Guangdong Zhenyi Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent intelligent manufacturing comprehensive solution provider. Its main products include glass cover anti-fingerprint oil, tester, wide-format plasma cleaning machine, 3D curved glass AF/AG/AR ink spraying equipment, and imported PLASMA A high-tech enterprise integrating plasma machine, cover plate scratch automatic repair combined line equipment and high-end accessories sales in the electronics industry. In 2015, the East China branch was established in Kunshan and became a "member unit" of the "Guangdong Tempered Glass Association"; in 2017, the company was officially upgraded to a joint-stock limited company.

  Guangdong Zhenyi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of "Quality First, Credit First, Customer First" to strengthen quality awareness and continue to meet customer requirements; the company adheres to the goal of "always have new pursuits" and continuously improves products Quality and enhanced after-sales service. In the past few years, it has successfully provided high-quality products and services to nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign corporate customers, and won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. Zhenyi shares abiding by the enterprise spirit of "exploitation, innovation, pragmatism, and forge ahead", and strives to establish a more complete management system in accordance with the modern enterprise system, and is committed to the global market!

  The above is the "3D glass protection ink spraying equipment" brand manufacturer recommended by Rogen for you. If you want to find a 3D glass protection ink spraying equipment brand, look for Seismic Instruments!

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