What equipment is used to make anti-glare glass cover plate with high efficiency?

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  In our daily life, the anti-glare glass cover has been integrated into our life to a large extent. As a glass cover manufacturer, what equipment does it need to produce anti-glare glass cover? And what kind of equipment will be more efficient? For this kind of manufacturers who pursue efficiency, productivity, and quality, Seismic has a mature AG anti-glare process technology and efficient solutions. So next, the editor Rogen will answer the question of what equipment and equipment efficiency should be used to produce anti-glare glass cover plates for everyone in the future?

What equipment is used to make anti-glare glass cover plate with high efficiency?

  If we want to produce anti-glare glass cover plates, we first need to understand the market situation. At present, there are endless anti-glare glass cover plates on the market. Some use chemical etching, some use surface coating, some use spray coating, etc. A variety of methods are used to achieve the anti-glare properties of the glass cover. So, before we make the anti-glare glass cover, for this homogeneous market, if we want market share, we need to consider the manufacturing cost, product quality, and product capacity issues, and currently choose the glass surface for the cost. The cost-effectiveness of the spray coating process is relatively good, and the aesthetics and texture will be on a higher level.

  Aiming at product quality, production capacity and cost issues, the AG spray coating machine of Zhenyi Co., Ltd. can solve this problem for you. Of course, if you want to do anti-fingerprint technology, we also have AG+AF integrated spray coating equipment and assembly lines. Production is more efficient. AG+AF (3 AG spray guns, 2 AF spray guns) dual-system and dual-liquid supply system in one dual-purpose glass spraying equipment, equipped with tunnel oven drying, the entire line of product output, avoiding intermediate links to pollute the spraying agent intelligent control , Can effectively ensure the consistency and stability of each spray produced. Equipped with a constant temperature surface dry function area after AG spraying, it can effectively promote the AG syrup on the product surface to be fully combined with the AF spray area syrup to effectively combine the adsorption dust collection and environmental protection purification box. Ensure no floating dust, clean and environmentally friendly, compatible with large products with a width of 1600mm.

  After reading the above equipment, you should be able to roughly understand the efficiency of this equipment. This equipment is the AG+AF1600-1600 overall equipment of Seismic. If you still don’t understand, please consult us as soon as possible! We will provide you with corresponding industry solutions!

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