What kind of equipment is better for enterprises to produce anti-fingerprint 3D glass cover?

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  In recent years, mobile phone consumer electronics products are currently one of the fastest updated products. In order to meet the needs of different consumer markets, mobile phone manufacturers continue to innovate and develop. Innovative mobile phone housing materials, photography technology, use functions, and external use conditions have all become the key core for mobile phone manufacturers to break through the market. And it is this question. As a supplier of 3D glass cover for mobile phone manufacturers, what equipment they need to use to provide fingerprint-proof 3D glass cover for mobile phone manufacturers has become a big question for them. Rogen tells you, what kind of equipment is better for companies to produce anti-fingerprint 3D glass cover?

What kind of equipment is better for enterprises to produce anti-fingerprint 3D glass cover?

  The smartphone industry is currently facing various options such as plastic, metal, glass, and ceramics. However, regardless of the material, the treatment process is inseparable. Various surface treatment processes, such as the surface treatment process of metal shells, include sandblasting, electroplating, PVD, spraying, anodizing, etc., as well as glass and ceramic materials. Anti-fingerprint treatment with AF coating.

  As the leading brand of anti-fingerprint spray coating equipment industry, Zhenyi shares, with 10 years of experience in 3D glass anti-fingerprint process, excellent solutions and equipment products, in fact, Zhenyi thinks that the equipment that suits your company's development needs is the best Yes, the production of anti-fingerprint 3D glass cover plate of course requires the AF spraying equipment of Seismic. But there are many models of AF spraying equipment, which one is suitable for your business development?

  Before purchasing AF spray coating equipment, you should first contact the sales engineer of Seismic Instruments, and then through detailed communication to customize the equipment and product equipment suitable for you, this will be more conducive to solving your current situation. If there is a need, please contact us as soon as possible.

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