Automotive display anti-glare Anti-Glare processing process assembly line solution

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  With the continuous growth of the total national economy, the continuous increase of residents' income will promote the gradual upgrade of the consumption structure. In the process of upgrading the consumption structure, automobiles have become a necessity for residents' consumption. The development of the automobile industry will be driven by the purchase of automobiles for portable travel and self-driving travel. In this market situation, car display has become a standard configuration of cars, and the anti-glare function of car display is particularly important. When car manufacturers choose car display, they will choose car display products with anti-glare function.


  First of all, the demand for supply in the automotive market is relatively large. When car manufacturers supply anti-glare products, car display manufacturers have relatively high requirements for their own products. The anti-glare anti-glare processing process line for car display is particularly important. As a leading brand manufacturer in the AF/AG spray coating industry with 10 years of experience, Zhenyi will provide automotive display manufacturers with professional automotive display anti-glare Anti-Glare treatment process assembly line solutions and high-quality equipment to assist automotive display manufacturers to Quickly obtain its own market resources, and develop its own market channels through high-quality, high-volume AG anti-glare products.

  In fact, as a leading brand in the AF/AG spray coating industry with 10 years of experience, Zhenyi shares, when providing AG anti-glare solutions for car display manufacturers, we know that car display as a display and touch terminal requires not only anti-glare Function, also need to use a series of functional application scenarios such as anti-fingerprint, anti-fouling, etc., Zhenyi shares above this pain point, for car display manufacturers to create an integrated overall solution of AF anti-fingerprint + AG anti-glare plan. The assembly line operation, small footprint, and high degree of intelligence enable car display manufacturers to have a high-quality, high-capacity, and energy-saving anti-glare anti-glare treatment process line for car display.

  The above is the "Car display anti-glare Anti-Glare processing pipeline solution" proposed for car display manufacturers. I hope the above content will help you. If you are a car display manufacturer, you need to upgrade AG anti-glare + AF anti-fingerprint Process assembly line or need to order this type of assembly line, then please contact Seismic as soon as possible! We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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