What are the characteristics of plasma cleaners?

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  In order to achieve better results in multiple process links such as coating and printing, many manufacturers are now choosing efficient and convenient pre-treatment and cleaning of the product surface before the process, in order to make these coating, printing and other process products in After these links, there are better results, and many manufacturers have also put a lot of effort in this aspect. However, the effort spent has not achieved the desired results. Fortunately, you have encountered Seismic Co., Ltd., which is an equipment manufacturer integrating plasma cleaning machines and plasma spraying equipment solutions. We have excellent pre-treatment solutions in the industry, and these solutions have been well verified in our equipment and solutions. Having said that, let's first take a look at what are the characteristics of the pre-treatment plasma cleaning machine of Seismic Instruments?

What are the characteristics of plasma cleaners?

  Features of Zhenyi Plasma Cleaning Machine:

  1. Using a rotary plasma nozzle, a wide range of ion jets

  2. It can effectively act on 2D planes and 3D curved surfaces.

  3. The water droplet angle can reach below 20 degrees after non-contact plasma treatment

  4. (For 02SI materials), meet the 32 dyne value and fit requirements. (Different products and materials have different results)

  5. Conveyor line: EVA conveyor line, anti-scratch, universal to flat and 3D glass.

  6. The overall solution, front-end, middle-end, and back-end, ensures that the product is more stable, the quality is more convenient, and the result is more accurate.

  7. Zhenyi Co., Ltd. owns its own R&D center, which can directly customize solutions according to customer needs.

  8. The magnetic levitation rotating nozzle has low noise, small size, wider processing area, higher efficiency and longer life.

  9. Adopt German 1000W plasma power supply, higher power, stronger energy and higher plasma density.

  10. All the profiles are made of 6061 aviation materials, and the surface is electroplated, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of the equipment. The optional colors (champagne, rose gold) make the equipment more tall.

  11. Adopting two-way modules, processing the same range of products faster and with better results

  The above is the relevant content of "Plasma Cleaning Machine Features". Plasma cleaning is one of the best processes for surface treatment and cleaning. Does it help your industry? Ten years of experience in plasma cleaning machine manufacturer of ``Zhenyi Co., Ltd., personalized customization!

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