Why does 3D glass need AF anti-fingerprint coating? What coating equipment is needed?

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  With the rapid growth of the touch terminal market and the gradual increase in the market share of 3D glass, the market demand for 3D glass in the touch terminal market is also increasing. The leading market, they have a great demand for 3D glass. Because of the factors of touch terminal products, users’ unnecessary fingerprints have not been solved. When purchasing, 3D glass processed by AF anti-fingerprint coating process is required to meet their own needs in the market, enhance user experience stickiness, and further Promote your own reputation and image. So what equipment is needed to perform AF anti-fingerprint coating process on 3D glass?

Why does 3D glass need AF anti-fingerprint coating? What coating equipment is needed?

  In fact, in the previous analysis, we clearly realize that the market for touch terminals is huge, and the demand for 3D anti-fingerprint glass is also huge. Then the huge demand means that the production capacity for anti-fingerprint processing on 3D glass has also become a necessary condition for choosing AF anti-fingerprint coating equipment. As a 3D glass AF anti-fingerprint coating equipment solution provider and equipment manufacturer with 10 years of experience, Zhenyi shares provide a variety of types and diversified mature solutions for such 3D glass manufacturers. Allowing enterprises to complete their own product production with quality and quantity when mass-produced 3D anti-fingerprint glass, which also solves a major demand problem of enterprises.

  Speaking of "what equipment is needed for the AF anti-fingerprint coating process of 3D glass", Zhenyi has many types of equipment, such as AF9800, AF9000, AF8000 and AF+AG1600-1600 (this is anti-fingerprint and anti-glare The same is true of spray coating equipment) and AG8000 equipment. If you want to know more equipment, please contact us as soon as possible!

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