Compared with wet cleaning and plasma cleaning, what are the advantages?

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  Among many process links, the pre-treatment and cleaning link is already one of the indispensable links. It is precisely because of the existence of these links that the quality, experience and life of the products produced may be effectively improved. So, today's editor Rogen of the plasma cleaning machine manufacturer Zhenyi shares compares wet cleaning with plasma cleaning, allowing you to better discover the advantages of the plasma cleaning process.

Compared with wet cleaning and plasma cleaning, what are the advantages?

  Compared with wet cleaning, plasma cleaning has the following advantages:

  (1) After plasma cleaning, the cleaned objects are already very dry and can be sent to the next process without further drying.

  (2) It does not use trichloroethyl ODS harmful solvents, and will not produce harmful substances after cleaning, which is an environmentally friendly cleaning method.

  (3) It can penetrate deep into the micro-holes and recesses of the object to complete the cleaning task without excessive consideration of the influence of the shape of the object to be cleaned.

  (4) The entire cleaning process is completed within a few minutes, so it is highly efficient.

  (5) The biggest technical feature of plasma cleaning is that it can process different substrates regardless of the object to be processed. No matter metal, semiconductor, oxide or polymer material (such as polypropylene, PVC, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyimide, polyester, epoxy resin and other polymers) can be treated with plasma. Therefore, it is especially suitable for substrates that are not resistant to high temperatures and solvents. At the same time, the entire, partial or complex structure can also be partially cleaned selectively.

  (6) While cleaning and decontamination are completed, the surface characteristics of the material itself can be changed. For example, to improve the wettability of the surface, improve the adhesion of the film, and so on.

  (7) High degree of automation; high-precision control equipment and precise time control; correct plasma cleaning will not cause damage to the surface, and because it is carried out in a vacuum, it will not pollute the environment and ensure that the surface is not cleaned. Be polluted again.

  The above is about "what are the advantages of plasma cleaning compared to wet cleaning", I hope these content will help you, if your company needs plasma cleaning equipment services, please contact the plasma cleaning equipment manufacturer as soon as possible Contact Zhenyi shares!

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