How much do you know about the advantages and advantages of plasma cleaners?

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  In the current market, in order to improve product performance and quality, manufacturers in many industries will carry out pre-treatment and cleaning processes for product materials before many production links. In the past, the old cleaning process was not only costly, but also low in efficiency, and also had a certain degree of pollution. Today, the editor Rogen of Zhenyi (plasma cleaning machine manufacturer) will introduce you a newer plasma cleaning process equipment, that is, plasma cleaning machine. Next, Rogen will take you to learn more about the advantages and advantages of plasma cleaners!

How much do you know about the advantages and advantages of plasma cleaners?

  With the advent of plasma cleaners, the cleaning costs of many manufacturers have become lower, and the operation is simple and flexible, and the types of processing gases and processing parameters can be easily changed. In the process of using the plasma cleaning machine, it will not cause any adverse effects on the operator's body; for the plasma processing method, the plasma cleaning machine has a very low cost and has objective cost performance and advantages; from the perspective of environmental protection, the plasma cleaning machine The entire treatment process is pollution-free, pollution-free, and environmentally friendly.

  1. Environmental protection technology: The plasma action process is a gas-solid coherent reaction, which does not consume water resources, does not need to add chemicals, and does not pollute the environment.

  2. High production efficiency: The cleaning object is cleaned by a plasma cleaning machine and then dried, and can be sent to the next process without air drying or drying, thereby improving the processing efficiency of the entire process production line.

  3. Scope of application: It can be processed regardless of the type of substrate to be processed, such as metals, semiconductors, oxides and most polymer materials;

  4. Zero hazard: Plasma cleaning enables operators to avoid harmful solvents to the human body, and also avoids the problem of easily damaging the cleaning objects during wet cleaning; avoids the use of ODS harmful solvents, so no harmful pollutants will be produced after cleaning, so This cleaning method is an environmentally friendly green cleaning method, which has become more important when the world pays great attention to environmental protection;

  5. Strong function: only the shallow surface (10-1000A) of the polymer material is involved, which can give it one or more new functions while maintaining the characteristics of the material itself;

  6. Wide application: Therefore, the plasma cleaning machine has been widely used in many high-tech industries, especially in the automotive, semiconductor, microelectronics industry, integrated circuit electronics industry and vacuum electronics industry. It can be said that the plasma cleaning machine is one This important equipment is also an indispensable process in the production process, and it is also a key link in product quality.

  7. Low cost: simple equipment, easy operation and maintenance, continuous operation, often a few bottles of gas can replace thousands of kilograms of cleaning fluid, so the cleaning effect is much lower than wet cleaning.

  8. The whole process control technology: all parameters can be set and recorded by computer for quality control.

  9. Comprehensive cleaning: Plasma generated by high frequency is different from direct light such as laser. The movement direction of the plasma is scattered, which enables it to penetrate deep into the pores and interior of the object to complete various cleaning tasks. Therefore, there is no need to consider the shape of the object to be cleaned too much. For these hard-to-wash places, the cleaning effect is similar to or even better than freon cleaning.

  10. Unlimited geometric dimensions of processed objects: large or small, simple or complex, parts or fabrics can be processed.

  From the perspective of the application of plasma cleaners in various industries, we can find that plasma cleaners have many advantages. It is precisely because of its many advantages that plasma cleaners are used in cleaning, etching, activation, plasma spraying, and plasma spraying. , Plasma ashing, surface modification and other occasions are widely used, and through its treatment, can effectively improve the wetting ability of the material surface, adhesion, so that a variety of materials can be coated and coated , To enhance the bonding ability and surface modification ability, but also to remove organic pollutants, oil and grease.

  The above is the relevant content of the "Pros and Cons of Plasma Cleaning Machines". After reading these contents, do you have a deeper understanding of plasma cleaning machines? If your company needs solutions and equipment for plasma table treatment and cleaning process, please contact Zhenyi as soon as possible!

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