Why does the low-temperature plasma cleaner use process cooling water?

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  When we use plasma as a surface treatment cleaning process, most of the plasma cleaning equipment belongs to low-temperature plasma. So, since it is low temperature, why use process cooling water? The editor of Seismic Instrument Rogen will give you a brief analysis.

Why does the low-temperature plasma cleaner use process cooling water?

  The principle of use of plasma cleaning equipment is to use the decomposed electrons, ions and other particles to undergo various physical and chemical reactions with the surface of the material to change the characteristics of the material surface and make the surface of the material more hydrophilic or easier to bond. Low-temperature plasma The electron temperature is very high, but the Celsius temperature is not high. We can even directly touch the light emitted by the plasma with our hands. The plasma temperature generated by the plasma cleaning machine is very low, but during use, if the power is high or the processing time is too long, the plasma temperature will rise, and the plasma cleaning machine usually handles some temperature-sensitive The product, at this time, the plasma needs to be cooled according to the user's requirements to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the temperature in the plasma within the required range.

  Process cooling water is the most commonly used temperature control medium in industrial production and has a wide range of applications. According to the application category, it is mainly divided into clean room cooling, process equipment cooling and production process cooling. The application in the plasma cleaner belongs to the cooling of process equipment.

  The plasma generator of the plasma cleaning machine is the core component of the equipment. The small plasma cleaning machine generally uses low power, and the heat generated by the plasma generator itself is also small. Generally, air-cooled cooling is used to remove the temperature. However, large-scale plasma cleaning machines will use plasma generators with larger output power, and the heat generated by themselves during work is also large. In order to ensure the stability of the equipment and extend its service life, high-power plasma generators are all Use process cooling water to remove temperature for cooling.

  Dry vacuum pumps do not have lubricating oil cooling, and friction between mechanical structures will generate high temperatures. If the cooling vacuum pump is not cooled, the rotor or screw will be locked, resulting in scrap. Therefore, the dry vacuum pump needs real-time cooling during use, and the method used is process cooling water cooling. In practical applications, in order to ensure the stable operation of the plasma cleaner, multiple methods are usually used at the same time, not just the process cooling water.

  The above is the answer to the question about the use of process cooling water for the low-temperature plasma cleaning machine. Have you found the answer after reading the above content?

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