What are the applications of plasma cleaners in LED packaging and semiconductor packaging processes?

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  We all know that the LED packaging process and the semiconductor packaging process are a very important part of the industry in which they are located. In this production process link, if we do not have a deep understanding, we can hardly imagine that these two processes will be used Plasma cleaners are actually used in the process of many industries. So what are the applications of plasma cleaners in the process of these industries? Today, the editor of plasma cleaning machine manufacturer Rogen will briefly introduce the application of plasma cleaning machine in LED packaging and semiconductor packaging.

What are the applications of plasma cleaners in LED packaging and semiconductor packaging processes?

  First of all, let's introduce the application of plasma cleaning machine in LED packaging. There are three main applications of plasma cleaning machine in LED packaging:

  1. Before applying silver glue

  Contaminants on the bottom plate will cause the silver glue to have a spherical shape, which is not conducive to chip sticking, and is easy to cause damage during manual placement. Using radio frequency plasma cleaning can greatly improve the surface roughness and hydrophilicity of the workpiece, thereby making the surface roughness of the workpiece And the hydrophilicity is greatly improved, and the amount of silver glue is greatly saved.

  2. Before wire bonding

  After the chip is attached to the substrate and cured at a high temperature, the pollutants on it may contain particles and oxides. These pollutants may cause incomplete soldering or poor adhesion between the lead and the chip and the substrate during the physical and chemical processes. Insufficient bonding strength. Before the introduction of RF plasma cleaning into the wire connection, the surface activity will be significantly improved, thereby improving the bonding strength and the uniformity of the tension of the bonding wire. The pressure of the connecting cutter head can be lower (when there is contaminants, the bonding head needs to penetrate the contaminants, and a greater pressure is required). In some cases, the bonding temperature can also be lowered, thereby increasing the output and reducing the cost.

  3. Before LED sealing glue

  In the process of injecting the epoxy resin into the LED, pollutants will cause the bubble formation rate to be high, resulting in a low product quality and service life. Therefore, avoiding the formation of bubbles in the sealing compound is also a topic of concern. After radio frequency plasma cleaning, the chip and the substrate are more closely combined, the formation of bubbles will be greatly reduced, and the heat dissipation rate and light output rate will be significantly improved.

  The above is about the "application of plasma cleaner in LED packaging". After the introduction, Rogen will take you to take a look at the application of plasma cleaner in semiconductor packaging. The main applications are as follows: 

What are the applications of plasma cleaners in LED packaging and semiconductor packaging processes?

  1. Copper lead frame

  Copper oxides and some other organic pollutants can cause the delamination of the sealing mold and the copper lead frame, resulting in poor sealing performance and chronic air leakage. At the same time, it will also affect the bonding and wire bonding quality of the chip. Plasma treatment can remove organic matter and oxide layer, activate and roughen the surface at the same time, to ensure the reliability of wire bonding and packaging.

  2. Wire bonding

  The quality of wire bonding has a decisive influence on the reliability of microelectronic devices. There must be no contaminants in the bonding area and good bonding properties. The presence of oxidants, organic pollutants and other pollutants will seriously weaken the pull value of the lead connection. Plasma cleaning can effectively remove surface contaminants in the bonding area and increase its roughness, which can significantly improve the wire bonding tension and greatly improve the reliability of the packaged device.

  3. Flip chip packaging

  Plasma cleaning has become a necessary condition for improving production efficiency. It is the emergence of flip chip packaging technology. Plasma treatment of the chip and package carrier can not only obtain a super-clean soldering surface, but also greatly improve the activity of the soldering surface, thereby effectively preventing false soldering, reducing voids, increasing the edge height and tolerance of the filler, and improving The mechanical strength reduces the thermal expansion coefficient of different materials, and creates internal shearing force between the interfaces, which improves the reliability and life of the product.

  4. Ceramic package

  Metal paste printed circuit boards are commonly used in ceramic packaging as bonding areas and cover sealing areas. The surface of the material is cleaned by plasma before Ni and Au are electroplated, which can effectively remove organic contamination and significantly improve the quality of the coating.

  The above content is the application of plasma cleaning machine in semiconductor packaging and LED packaging. If you have better content to add, please leave a message to communicate with us, share, and hope that these content will also help you understand the application of plasma cleaning machine !

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