Take you to understand the AF7500 single/dual plasma spray coating machine of Seismic

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  Many friends know that the AF7500 is a single/dual plasma spray coating machine of the spray equipment manufacturer Zhenyi Co., Ltd., of course, many friends do not know, so today, the editor of Zhenyi Co., Ltd. Rogen will take everyone to get to know and understand the AF7500 single/ Double plasma spray coating machine. Then let's just start!

Take you to understand the AF7500 single/dual plasma spray coating machine of Seismic

  AF7500 is a new generation plasma spray coating machine of Zhenyi Co., Ltd. It adopts a moderately sized metal frame and an integrated design of operation panel and buttons. Before coating, two plasmas are used to clean the workpiece to reduce impurities attached to the workpiece. , Make the surface react with the film, improve the firmness of the film, improve the anti-aging and anti-friction ability of the product, and make the coating quality higher.

  At the same time, the AF7500 is equipped with German imported nano-nozzles to precisely control the spraying dose, improve the atomization ability of the chemical liquid, make the film and glass evenly combined, improve the uniformity of product spraying, and increase the flatness of the film surface. The production capacity is increased by 10-20%, and the liquid medicine can be saved by about 10%.

  What are the functions of the AF7500?

  1. Incoming material identification function

  2. Automatic alarm and foolproof system for low air pressure

  3. The alarm prompt can be displayed on the display and automatically stop the equipment

  4. We can provide the best solution for the tray

  5. High production efficiency

  6. Supporting equipment for loading and unloading can be provided

  7. Zero-pressure pneumatic, making liquid molecules more refined

  ...Etc. function

  The above is a simple solution for you by Xiaobian Rogen for the AF7500 single/dual plasma spray coating machine. If you are interested in the AF7500, please contact us as soon as possible!

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