What industries are plasma surface cleaning machines used in

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  The plasma flow jetted by the plasma surface treatment cleaning machine is neutral and uncharged, and can be used for surface treatment of various polymers, metals, semiconductors, rubber, printed circuit boards and other materials. And after being treated by a plasma surface treatment machine, it can remove carbonized dirt such as oil. Auxiliary additives are conducive to bonding, long-lasting and stable performance, and long-lasting characteristics. Next, the editor of plasma surface treatment cleaning machine Rogen will take you to understand which industries plasma surface treatment machines are used in.

What industries are plasma surface cleaning machines used in

  1. Automobile manufacturing industry

  EPDM sealing strip, flocking, pretreatment before coating, automatic instrument.

  Car headlight PP base, pre-treatment before groove fitting;

  2. Plastic Industry

  The wet adhesion system before plastic bottle labeling replaces heat melting and diffusion on the production line;

  PP film unilateral pretreatment is stable and long lasting, and can be used as a water-based dispersing binder;

  Plastic mobile phone shell, moped shell, pre-painting treatment;

  3. Optoelectronics Manufacturing

  "contact" and non-flexible printed circuit board contact to clean the LCD fluorescent tube;

  4. Metal and coating industry

  Aluminum profile is pretreated instead of roughening and primer to obtain a stable oxide layer;

  Metal foil to remove lubricating oil-non-wet chemical treatment method;

  Stainless steel laser welding pretreatment.

  5. Chemical fiber and textile industry

  The pretreatment speed of optical fiber can reach 60m/min;

  The plane cleaning before bonding the glass surface and the mirror surface;

  6. Printing and coding industry

  Plasma treatment of the automatic folder gluer can improve the bonding strength of UV. Environmentally friendly water-based adhesives can be used to reduce the amount of glue and effectively reduce production costs.

  OPP, PP, PE coated cardboard;

  paperboard with PET film;

  paperboard with metal coating;

  paperboard with UV coating (can not delaminate after UV oil is cured);

  impregnated cardboard;

  PET, PP transparent plastic sheet, etc.

  PP, PE material screen printing, transfer pre-treatment, increase the adhesion of the ink layer;

  PE, PTFE, silicone rubber wire and cable coding pretreatment;

  The above is about the application of plasma surface cleaning machine industry. Of course, this is only part of the content compiled by Xiaobian Rogen. If your industry wants to use plasma surface cleaning machine, you should look for Seismic Stock!

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