Are antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oils used in the glass industry?

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  Nowadays, the demand for anti-fingerprint is more and more vigorous. The anti-fingerprint oil is also divided into several types, such as non-baking series, antibacterial series, smooth series and wear-resistant series of fingerprint oil. Because of the particularity of glass raw materials used in some industries, using antibacterial anti-fingerprint oil to spray glass products has achieved better results.

Are antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oils used in the glass industry?

  Antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oil is a high-functionality UV-reactive resin modified by nano-particles. The UV-curable coating film with it as the main body has outstanding abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and surface hardness, combined with organic silicon compounds To achieve a good antibacterial effect, it can be used alone without curing under N2 protection, and it can show its outstanding resistance to 0000# steel wool friction. After 1000 times, there is no trace and no loss of gloss on the surface. It is recommended to be used as a surface protective coating for various plastic materials such as PMMA sheet, PET film, window film, and mobile phone housing.

  So, where are the antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oils used in the glass industry?

  1. Application in smart phones (2D, 2.5D and 3D coverage and shells)

  2. Application in vehicle display equipment

  3. Used in laptops and tablet computers

  4. Application in smart home, smart kitchen, smart refrigerator, etc.

  5. Used in life glass containers and articles (glass jars, antibacterial cutting boards, etc.)

  6. Touch electronic display screens used in medical monitoring, doors, windows and external surfaces of medical facilities

  The above is the introduction of antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oil, as well as some usage scenarios of antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oil in the glass industry. The antibacterial ingredients in the antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oil can achieve a durable antibacterial effect when the antibacterial and anti-fingerprint oil is coated under the glass surface. , And can breed various harmful bacteria such as algae, mold, fungus, and bacteria. With this feature, the anti-fingerprint oil coating process has become an important entrance for glass companies to enter the medical industry, food industry, and export display terminal equipment for public equipment and facilities.

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