What kind of optical lens production can the protective ink spraying equipment be used for?

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  In the production process of many optical lenses, there will be a variety of situations such as scratches, base marks, unclean powder washing, and low product straight-through rates during the production process. In order to solve these problems in the production of Guanxue lenses, the method of covering protective films and printing UV protection was used to enhance the production efficiency and production rate of optical lenses.

What kind of optical lens production can the protective ink spraying equipment be used for?

  In fact, everyone is relatively clear that optical lenses have extremely high requirements for the product itself, and no defects visible to the naked eye are allowed. In order to reduce the occurrence of defects and other problems in the production process of optical lenses, the protection process of optical lenses in the production process is particularly important. As the leading brand of spray coating equipment in the industry for 10 years, Zhenyi has developed an ideal product that replaces protective film and printed UV protection. It can not only help optical lens manufacturers solve scratches, base marks and anti-abrasive washing during the production process. Dirty and product straight-through rate, etc., at the same time, it can save costs, and the process is simple. Speaking of this, some friends will ask: "What kind of optical lens can the protective ink spraying equipment be used in the production?"

  1. Smart phone optical lens

  2. Lens for vehicle

  3. Infrared lens

  4. Glass lens

  5. Resin lens

  6. Monitor lens

  7. Projector lens

  8. Lens for copy machine

  9. Machining products

  The above is the production of some of the optical lenses that can be applied to the protective ink spraying equipment. After reading the above content, is this content helpful to you? If you are an optical lens manufacturer and want this type of solution, please consult Seismic Instruments! Zhenyi shares not only protect oil spray coating equipment, but also provide overall spray coating solutions for anti-fingerprints and anti-glare. Zhenyi Co., Ltd. is not only an automated spray coating process solution provider, but also a leading spray coating equipment manufacturer in the industry for 10 years.

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