How does the large-size glass anti-glare protection oil spray coating equipment make the conveying more stable?

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  In the production process of large-size glass, many glass manufacturers cannot avoid the production process of CNC cutting and sweeping. In this production process, problems such as glass scratches, base marks, and inconvenient cleaning are prone to occur. The protective oil spraying is undoubtedly the best solution for the production of large-size glass.

How does the large-size glass anti-glare protection oil spray coating equipment make the conveying more stable?

  And we continue to analyze, for large-size glass, general application scenarios are applied to outdoor architectural glass, shop windows, photovoltaic glass, etc. scenes will be more. When we apply glass, we all know that if glass is not specially treated, it is easy to reflect light and cause light pollution. Under these conditions, many manufacturers will choose to apply the AG anti-glare film spraying process to the large-size glass, which not only saves costs, but also has extremely high production efficiency.

  Before these two conditions, a friend will ask, do you need to purchase two types of equipment for the two major links of protective oil spraying and anti-glare spraying? Here, as the editor of 10 industry-leading coating and spraying equipment brands, Zhenyi shares, Rogen will tell you that there is no need to purchase two types of equipment. Zhenyi shares can provide you with protective oil spraying and AG anti-glare film spraying processes. The intelligent spraying equipment not only has high production efficiency, but also occupies a small area and is easy to operate.

  After understanding the equipment, friends will ask again, as the manufacturer of the equipment, how does Zhenyi Co., Ltd. solve the problem of the smoothness of the transportation of large-size glass during the production process? Let the editor Rogen tell you this problem. ! Regarding the problem of conveying stability, Zhenyi has invested in deep research and development for 10 years. To deal with the problem of the stability of large-size glass conveying, the conveying line of Zhenyi’s equipment adopts servo motor conveying, which can allow large-size glass to be conveyed during the production process. More stable.

  The above is about the application introduction of "large-size glass anti-glare protection oil spray coating equipment" and the answers to related questions about "how to make the conveying more stable". I hope the above content will help you. If you are looking for large-size glass anti-glare protective oil spray coating equipment, please look for Seismic Instruments.

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