Is LCD anti-glare film really useful?

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  The anti-glare of the LCD screen is no longer processed by the previous UV film or tempered film. The current anti-glare film is processed by the AG anti-glare process when the display manufacturer is used. It has almost no effect on the appearance of the screen, but the anti-glare effect is leveraged. Nowadays, many electronic product manufacturers choose LCD screens with anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technology, which can not only effectively enhance user experience, but also effectively enhance their brand competitiveness, and save costs, etc. And so on multiple benefits.

Is LCD anti-glare film really useful?

  Here is the question of whether the anti-glare film of the LCD screen is useful, because the LCD products used in the current market for electronic products use the original anti-glare technology and the market without anti-glare technology has occupied a large market share Because replacement requires a process in the development process, although the original manufacturer’s requirements for the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technology are very high, and the products produced meet the market demand, customers who have already purchased and have not used the technology will also be in the short term. Will not consider replacing electronic products, will choose the form of film to solve the problems encountered by their electronic products.

  Nowadays, many manufacturers of film products, such as glass revision, tempered film, UV film and anti-peeping film, use the same process film as the original LCD glass panel production process. They all use the AF plasma spray coating equipment and AG anti-glare coating equipment of Seismic Co., Ltd. to enhance the high experience of liquid crystal glass panels and secondary filming, and the purpose is to solve customer problems. Seismic's AG anti-glare spray coating equipment can help the LCD panel to reduce reflections through light scattering and diffuse reflection to achieve the purpose of anti-vertigo and anti-glare, so as to create a clear and transparent visual space, so as to have a better vision enjoy.

  Therefore, the use of AG anti-glare coating equipment products of Seismic Co., Ltd. is very useful for anti-glare coating of LCD displays, which can effectively help you have a better viewing experience.

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