What is the role of AF/AG/AR in the spray coating of glass? Is 1+1 greater than 2?

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  In the past two years, when we are paying attention to some trendy high-tech electronic products in the market, we will find words such as anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection appearing in front of our eyes from time to time. And these words correspond to anti-glare (AG), anti-fingerprint (AF) and anti-reflection (AR). What we see is not only for manufacturers to improve product experience, but also for many upstream manufacturers in the industry, such as optical Lens, glass cover, 3D glass and other product manufacturers, or AF, AG, AR spray coating equipment solutions such as Seismic Co., Ltd. and the joint efforts of manufacturers have realized today’s anti-fingerprint, anti-glare and anti-reflection High-quality product experience with other functions. So what are the roles of AF/AG/AR in the product?

What is the role of AF/AG/AR in the spray coating of glass? Is 1+1 greater than 2?

  1. AF is a method of coating, superimposing the AF film layer on the film layer with AR function, so that the product can achieve long-lasting anti-fouling ability.

  2. AG means that glass products are chemically etched to change the topography of the glass surface, showing the effect of unevenness under the microscopic view, thereby reducing the reflection of light on the glass surface, playing the role of anti-glare and protecting eyesight, and improving the glass surface. Smoothness and anti-fouling ability;

  3. AR is to deposit an optical film on the glass by magnetron sputtering method, so that the glass has the characteristics of high transmittance, low reflectivity, high hardness, high wear resistance, etc., which can improve the display effect, save energy and protect the eyes. effect;

  The above is the relevant content of the role of AF/AG/AR in the product, I hope the above content is helpful to you. In today's era of rapid development, using a coating method alone can no longer meet the needs of users in the market. So will the superposition of AF/AG/AR coating technology achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2?

  It is inevitable to achieve an effect greater than 2. Today's users are very picky about the product experience. If technology is used in superposition, it can help a large number of manufacturers in the market to quickly stand out and quickly occupy the market. If you want to consult or purchase AF/AG/AR coating equipment, please look for Seismograph shares!

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