How is the anti-fingerprint film of the car display produced?

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  Automobiles are the most mature industrial technology products in the entire industrial field. However, with the development of the times, from diesel vehicles, gasoline vehicles to today's new energy vehicles, the market continues to introduce new ones. The emergence of new energy vehicles has subverted the concept that traditional automobile industry enterprises need to use engines. It is not difficult to find that the newly produced cars in recent years have integrated a variety of high-end cutting-edge technologies, and the core of the technology is concentrated on the interaction of the on-board display screen.

How is the anti-fingerprint film of the car display produced?

  At the same time, car infotainment systems, car displays, HUDs, digital meters, and wireless charging have become a major market competitiveness of these car products. In order to improve the experience advantage of car display, the anti-fingerprint film of car display has become a highlight , Then how is the anti-fingerprint film of the car display produced?

  Next, let me tell you the editor Rogen. At present, there is so much demand for on-board display screens in the automotive market, and manual methods can no longer meet the market demand. If you want to produce anti-fingerprint films for on-board display screens, you need to introduce intelligence. The customized AF anti-fingerprint spraying equipment for production can effectively help enterprises increase production capacity and further realize the process of enterprise's intelligent production. If you want to install AF anti-fingerprint spray coating equipment for car display screens, please look for Guangdong Seismic Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., a 10-year industry-leading automated spray coating brand.

  At present, there are many leading glass display, cover, 3D glass and other companies that use the AF spray coating equipment of Seismic Instruments for anti-fingerprint coating production. This equipment not only has high production efficiency, but also reflects the current situation of the enterprise. Instrument shares provide customers with the best solutions and can be customized services, so that customers can be more at ease in the process of use, without causing waste of resources.

  After reading the above content, do you know how the anti-fingerprint film of the car display is produced? For the production of anti-fingerprint film for car display, look for AF anti-fingerprint spray coating equipment of Seismic Instruments!

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