What automated spraying production line does the coating process of anti-fingerprint glass manufacturers use?

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  Nowadays, anti-fingerprint glass has formed a big boom in the market. As a glass manufacturer, you still rely on labor for the production of anti-fingerprint glass. The low output, high labor cost, and unstable product production have caused one of the major reasons for restricting the development of enterprises. . I really want to know what automated spraying production line does the anti-fingerprint glass manufacturer's coating process use to achieve mass production? In response to this problem, let the editor of Seismic Co., Ltd. tell you!

What automated spraying production line does the coating process of anti-fingerprint glass manufacturers use?

  For the mass production manufacturing industry, the achievement of automated production lines can help companies' competitiveness in the industry to enhance multiple levels, and they can easily receive orders, which has become a major bargaining chip for negotiating orders. Most anti-fingerprint glass manufacturers use the anti-fingerprint coating automated spraying production line customized by Zhenyi to strengthen their corporate competitiveness.

  The full name of "Zhenyi Co., Ltd." is Guangdong Zhenyi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We can not only help customers realize the automatic production line of AF anti-fingerprint coating, but also provide them with automatic production lines such as AG anti-glare, AR anti-reflection and AB protection ink spraying. . Of course, we can also provide an integrated production line with one or more process lines for companies with more special needs, such as AF+AG automated spraying production line and AB+AG automated production line, which can improve the production efficiency of customers again.

  Anti-fingerprint glass manufacturers use AF anti-fingerprint coating automated production lines for their coating process.

  After reading the above content, do you think it is helpful to you? If you are a glass manufacturer and need to use an automatic spraying production line with anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, protective ink spraying, and adding process coatings, please contact Zhenyi Co., Ltd. to help you customize it!

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