Which AF spraying equipment is better for the anti-fingerprint process of the touch panel of the new energy vehicle charging pile?

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  "Low-carbon and environmental protection" has always been our core goal of development. Today, the emergence of new energy vehicles has further promoted the development of society in the direction of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. The market share of new energy vehicles has become more and more widespread, and charging piles have also become a new type of car filling station. The filling station of new energy vehicles is not refueling but charging. New energy companies use electric energy as power, so Charging piles have been installed in many public places to solve their charging problems.

Which AF spraying equipment is better for the anti-fingerprint process of the touch panel of the new energy vehicle charging pile?

  The car charging pile uses a touch panel to complete the human-computer interaction technology. The touch panel scans information content such as two-dimensional codes, electricity consumption, and mechanical equipment. The customer actually operates the battery charging according to the selection of the touch panel. When the battery is charged, the battery status of the battery will be automatically charged according to the device detection system software, thereby predicting the suitable fast charging time, remaining time, power consumption level, and instant cost of the rechargeable battery.

  The functions of the touch panel on the car charging pile are as follows:

  1. Desktop display: indicates the content of the customer's IC card information, battery charging related information, etc.;

  2. Identity verification: include the information content in the IC card, enter the payment password, and identify the true identity and license plate number of the customer;

  3. The actual operation of battery charging: After swiping the IC card, it is determined to be automatically charged, and the battery can be charged eventually;

  4. Basic parameters: set the battery charging working voltage, current, battery charging time, fast charging and other secret recipe car selection system;

  5. Battery charging: battery charging shows the graph. Historical time data analysis table, such as start time, license plate number, set working voltage, current and battery charging time;

  6. Free download history: configure U disk to download data information for free;

  7. Network video monitoring: Detect the status of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, and send the information to the core of the operation and maintenance management system of electric vehicle charging stations.

  Under this use situation, the frequency of use of charging piles for new energy vehicles is high, and the number of users is also high. In order to avoid fingerprint stains and other oil stains, and to give users a good experience, charging pile manufacturers will choose touch panels with anti-fingerprint technology to produce new charging piles, so the charging pile panel needs to be anti-fingerprint technology. Need to use AF spraying equipment, which is the best AF spraying equipment for anti-fingerprint technology of new energy vehicle charging pile touch panel?

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