AF plasma spraying machine (current industry "hot spot")

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  In today's booming consumer electronics market, the anti-fingerprint function of the product has become a hot spot in the market, and it has also received widespread public attention. For example, in the recent release of the iPhone 13, there is a function to modify the details of the iPhone 12's non-anti-fingerprint function on the metal frame. Faced with these market-leading brands, they attach so much importance to the anti-fingerprint function. The development of anti-fingerprint technology for consumer electronics is also fiercely sought after, making AF plasma spraying machines a hot spot in the current industry.

AF plasma spraying machine (current industry

  AF plasma spraying machine is the core of AF anti-fingerprint plasma spraying process. In the process of using AF plasma spraying machine to anti-fingerprint coating on workpiece products, there are many factors that will affect the quality of the coating, and we should be rational and A clear understanding of your products, and reasonable selection of process parameters according to the product, so that the anti-fingerprint coating of your products will achieve an excellent performance.

  The main process parameters of plasma spraying process are:

  (1) Plasma jet parameters: mainly refer to the temperature, speed, hot melt and gas composition of the flame flow. These parameters depend on the structure of the plasma spray gun, the type of plasma gas, the flow rate, and the arc power;

  (2) AF anti-fingerprint liquid medicine parameters: including liquid medicine dosage, abrasion resistance test, etc.;

  (3) Spraying parameters: including transmission speed, gas and flow rate, coating method, spraying height, suitable product thickness, load-bearing method, transmission height, etc.;

  (4) Spraying operation parameters: including the relative moving speed of the spray gun and the workpiece, spraying distance, spraying angle, substrate temperature during spraying, etc.

  The above are the main process parameters of the plasma spraying process. Effective use of these parameters can improve the AF anti-fingerprint coating effect of your product. AF plasma spraying machine is a hot spot in the current industry, and we should take good care of it. To seize this big opportunity, to grasp the user's details and pain points is to grasp the user's heart, in order to effectively occupy the market share. If you want to choose AF plasma spraying machine, please look for Seismic Co., Ltd., the industry-leading plasma spraying machine manufacturer for ten years!

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