Why use an optical thin film coating machine in the production process of the camera

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  As one of the technology architectures for face recognition, the camera is why an optical film coating machine is used in the production process. According to the application, the optical coating can be divided into anti-reflection film, optical protective film, filter film, reflective film, polarizing film, Coating methods such as spectroscopic film and phase film. The more commonly used cameras are antireflection film, optical protection film, reflective film and filter film. To achieve these coating methods, stable quality and mass production to meet the production capacity requirements are required. The camera optical film coating machine produced by Zhenyi is undoubtedly the best choice.

Why use an optical thin film coating machine in the production process of the camera


  Next, the editor Rogen will give you a brief introduction to the benefits and help that one of the coatings can bring to the product. Rogen will introduce you to the anti-reflection coating. In fact, the anti-reflection coating will cause many people. The question is, why is there an anti-reflection effect when applying a layer of anti-reflection coating to the camera lens? What is the principle and other questions.

  First of all, the camera lens uses an anti-reflection coating. The meaning of the word anti-reflection and anti-reflection is undoubtedly to reduce the limit of the light source, increase the amount of light, and the color of the picture presented by the camera can be bright and beautiful. This can also increase the amount of light. Transmembrane describes the achievement is to increase the image quality of the camera film layer process. Improve the image quality through the interference of the film.

  Anti-reflection coating is a kind of equal-thickness intervention, which occurs when light from the upper and lower reflective surfaces (or mapping) of the plastic film meet. The light in the anti-reflection coating causes several reflections and most of the light to be reflected from the lower layer into the camera lens, reducing light refraction and enhancing light scattering.

  When the incident angle hits the camera lens, if the path difference of the multiple rows of light waves coming from the front, back, left, and right surfaces of the plastic film is exactly equal to an odd multiple of the half-light wavelength, the multiple rows of waves will cause destructive interference and weaken the vibration. Therefore, the intensity of scattered light is greatly improved, and the purpose of anti-reflection is achieved.

  The above is the related content of why the optical film coating machine is used in the production process of the camera and the benefits of antireflection coating on the image of the camera image. For the optical film coating machine, look for Seismic Co., Ltd., a leading brand in the industry for ten years.

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