What is the difference between a plasma cleaning machine and an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

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  In fact, both are cleaners. From the name, everyone knows that they are definitely different. Because plasma and ultrasonic are two substances, the cleaning methods and principles must be different. The scenarios used are also different, so the editor Rogen wants to make it clear to everyone:

What is the difference between a plasma cleaning machine and an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

  The first is that their cleaning principles are different:

  The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses wet cleaning, which mainly cleans the more obvious dust and pollutants. Use ultrasonic waves (water or solvent) to perform ultrasonic impact cleaning on objects to achieve a cleaning effect!

  The plasma cleaner is different. When the plasma is close to the vacuum state, the RF power is turned on, and the gas molecules are ionized at this time to generate plasma. Accompanied by the phenomenon of glow discharge, the plasma moves at a high speed under the action of an electric field, causing physical collisions on the surface of the object, generating enough plasma energy to remove various pollutants, and oxygen ions can also oxidize organic pollutants into carbon dioxide. It is discharged out of the cabin through steam.

  At the same time, ultrasonic cleaning machine is compared with plasma cleaning machine. Plasma cleaning machine does not need other raw materials. As long as the gas can meet the requirements, it is convenient to use and pollution-free. At the same time, it has more advantages than ultrasonic cleaning that plasma cleaning can not only clean the surface, In addition, it can also improve the surface activity. The chemical reaction between plasma and the surface of the object can generate active chemical substances. They have high activity. Therefore, their application range is very wide. It can improve the bonding ability of the surface of the material and improve the welding performance. , Enhanced plasticity, stronger hydrophilicity, etc., so plasma cleaning has become the mainstream and trend of the cleaning industry.

  The above is the difference between plasma cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine. I hope these contents will be helpful to you. If your company has a demand for plasma cleaning machine, please look for Seismic Co., Ltd., the leading brand in the industry for ten years.

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