What models of spraying machines are used for glass anti-fingerprint function?

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  Now whether it is commercial display, industrial display or other central control display scenes, they are all developing towards the goal of cutting-edge intelligence of the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. One touch is the core key of these application technologies, and it is also the best terminal to link people and things. We all know that many surface displays of these display application scenarios are made of glass raw materials. It is precisely because the "one touch-to-reach" major manufacturers have clearer requirements for glass anti-fingerprint function, you need to use an anti-fingerprint sprayer , So what are the spraying machines that are applied to the glass anti-fingerprint function?

What models of spraying machines are used for glass anti-fingerprint function?


  The following editor Rogen will give you a list of anti-fingerprint spraying machines of 10 industry leading brands, Zhenyi shares, for everyone to understand!

  1. AF6500 non-plasma coating machine

  2. AF7500 ion coating machine

  3. AF7800 single plasma cleaning machine

  4. AF7900 dual nozzle dual plasma coating machine

  5. AF7900 single nozzle double plasma coating machine

  6. AF8000-600 double plasma coating machine

  7. AF8000-800 double plasma coating machine

  8. AF8200-600 double nozzle four plasma coating machine

  9. AF8200-800 double nozzle four plasma coating machine

  10. AF9000-800 linear plasma coating machine

  11. AF9000-1000 linear plasma coating machine

  12. AF9800-800 3D surface double coating machine

  The above is the anti-fingerprint spraying machine listed by the editor of Seismic Instrument, Rogen, for everyone. We will choose different product models and solutions for you according to the usage and needs of different users. Of course, according to your special needs, we can customize the anti-fingerprint function sprayer product for you, which can better fit your production line. Of course, the spraying machines of Seismic Instruments are not only anti-fingerprints, but also anti-glare, anti-reflection and ink-protecting spraying machines. If you need them, please contact Seismic Instruments as soon as possible!

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