What types of plasma cleaners are there?

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  Plasma cleaners can be divided into many types, such as linear plasma cleaners, atmospheric plasma cleaners, rotary plasma cleaners, in-current plasma cleaners, stand-alone plasma cleaners, atmospheric jet plasma cleaners, low-temperature plasma There are many types of cleaning machines, single-gun plasma cleaning machines, multi-gun plasma cleaning machines, vacuum plasma cleaning machines, and ultrasonic plasma cleaning machines.

What types of plasma cleaners are there?

  And is each type of plasma cleaning machine called a cleaning machine? No, it is a variety of names based on many different application types, different application scenarios, and different degrees of division.

  1. According to whether the plasma spray gun can be rotated, it is divided into atmospheric jet direct injection plasma cleaning machine and atmospheric jet rotary plasma cleaning machine.

  2. According to whether it is connected with assembly line or automation, it is divided into independent atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine and online atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine.

  3. According to the number of spray guns that the plasma generator can support discharge, it can be divided into single spray gun atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine and multi spray gun atmospheric jet plasma cleaning machine.

  4. The reaction types are divided into different types. Plasma physical cleaning refers to the removal of pollutants by the bombardment of active particles and high-energy rays; plasma chemical cleaning refers to the volatilization and separation of pollutants by the reaction of active particles and impurity molecules.

  5. Divided according to excitation frequency

  6. Divided according to the type of working gas

  7. Divided according to the working environment

  Plasma cleaners can distinguish different types of plasma cleaners according to a variety of division methods. At the same time, these division types can help companies choose plasma cleaners more selectively, and the targeted product applications will be more professional and targeted.

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