Have your end customers complained to you that the phone is easy to get dirty?

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  Mobile phones have now been integrated into people's lives. You don't need to carry cash or anything with you. You can travel the world with a mobile phone. In this 21st century, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of most people. As a mobile phone manufacturer, a mobile phone display manufacturer, a mobile phone glass cover manufacturer, and a mobile phone protective case manufacturer, have you received any feedback from end customers that your mobile phone is easy to get dirty when you are doing user experience surveys?

Have your end customers complained to you that the phone is easy to get dirty?

  In fact, whether it is mobile phone protective shell, mobile phone manufacturer, mobile phone glass cover and mobile phone display manufacturers, they are constantly upgrading their product experience performance, so that more users will be more favored by the market. . Whether it is a mobile phone spare parts manufacturer, a mobile terminal manufacturer, or a mobile phone accessory product manufacturer, the upstream and downstream orders can only be captured by grasping the user's demand.

  So how should mobile phone manufacturers solve the problem that mobile phones are easy to get dirty? First of all, before explaining how to solve it, let’s analyze it first. Users feel that the mobile phone is easy to get dirty. What we usually do are the mobile phone display part, the mobile phone cover part, the mobile phone camera and the mobile phone frame part. The above four parts basically show the appearance and tactility of the mobile phone to the customer, and bring the problem of easy dirt, which needs to be solved from these aspects.

  It is precisely because many mobile phone manufacturers did not have the anti-fingerprint function when they produced their mobile phones, which led to the birth of many anti-fingerprint, anti-fouling and anti-oil pollution mobile phone films/mobile phone cases/mobile phone camera lenses and other Internet celebrity products in the market. A large wave of industry-leading companies was also born below.

  So how to solve the problem of easy dirty mobile phone? Then it is necessary to spray and coat the appearance parts of these mobile phones, and increase the coating process in the production process. Why is it spray coating treatment instead of other processes? Because in the face of a market with such a large amount of use, production capacity, quality, experience, efficiency, cost, and appearance without affecting appearance have become industry standards, and spray coating process is the best choice.

  If these manufacturers want to choose the spray coating process solution/equipment/production line, please look for Seismic Instruments. If you want to achieve anti-fingerprint, anti-fouling, and oil-proof, choose anti-fingerprint nano coating as the spraying liquid, and use the automatic spraying equipment of Zhenyi Co., Ltd., which can effectively solve the problem that the mobile phone is easy to get dirty. .

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