What are the application industries of anti-fingerprint coatings?

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  With the emergence of anti-fingerprint coatings, the appearance of fingerprint stains is greatly suppressed. At the same time, the anti-fingerprint coating has excellent anti-fouling properties, hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, and durability. So the anti-fingerprint coating has such excellent characteristics, what are its application industries?

What are the application industries of anti-fingerprint coatings?

  1. Touch screen display glass panel industry

  2. Medical device touch screen industry

  3. Bank touch screen industry

  4. Mobile phone computer touch screen industry

  5. Tempered glass industry

  6. Digital camera touch screen industry

  7. Automotive glass industry

  8. Watch industry

  9. Mobile phone case industry

  10. Consumer electronics display industry

  11. TV industry

  12. Camera industry

  13. Automotive display and glass industry

  14. Medical industry

  The above are only part of the application industries of anti-fingerprint coatings. The application industries of anti-fingerprint coatings are extensive and can cover multiple industries. The birth of AF anti-fingerprint coating has greatly reduced the cost of manufacturers to produce anti-fingerprint products. For companies in the consumer electronics industry, products want to achieve anti-fingerprint functions. Due to the large number of reasons, artificial production of anti-fingerprint products has been It’s a huge cost burden.

  In response to this, Zhenyi has a variety of different automation solutions for this type of enterprise to solve customer production capacity, reduce production process transfer links, straight-through rate, yield rate and other issues, and further enhance the core of this type of enterprise Competitiveness.

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