AMOLED 3D curved surface double spraying assembly line manufacturer

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  Speaking of AMOLED 3D curved surface double spraying assembly line, friends who know it will know that this is an assembly line for AMOLED coating process. AMOLED's 3D curved surface double spraying line is mainly used for product anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint coating process, and the core equipment of the line is mainly the AF9800-800 high-end AF coating equipment of Zhenyi.

AMOLED 3D curved surface double spraying assembly line manufacturer

  So why is it that AMOLED's coating process uses a 3D curved surface double spraying line mainly for product anti-fouling, anti-fingerprint coating treatment? In-depth understanding, you will find that AMOLED technology is mainly used in the field of smart phones. We all know that the current market for smart phones is extensive and the market demand is large, and the frequency of use of smart phones is also extremely high. Therefore, coating treatments such as anti-fouling and anti-fingerprints for AMOLED products are particularly important.

  The AMOLED technology currently used in smartphones on the market is mostly 2.5D, 3D or even 3.5D and 4D display technology, so the requirements for coating assembly line equipment have become higher. So here, the editor Rogen will recommend Zhenyi’s AF9800-800 high-end AF coating equipment. This equipment is a 3D curved double coating machine with a suspended + linear plasma dual design. The workpiece is cleaned before coating to reduce The impurity attached to the workpiece itself has a compensation function, which can effectively prevent spray leakage, uniform atomization, reduce product contamination rate, and improve product quality.

  It is the best choice for AMOLED coating. Of course, as a ten-year brand of automated spray coating manufacturer, Zhenyi has not only assembly line solutions for AMOLED anti-fingerprint coating process, but also AR anti-reflective and AG anti-glare The overall solution of light helps your company encounter various problems in the AMOLED coating process, and at the same time enhances the competitiveness of the company, develops towards the goal of clean, intelligent and digital enterprise, and becomes a market-competitive AMOLED As an intelligent manufacturer, Zhenyi shares can provide customers with a full range of spraying equipment product quotations, equipment plan production, machine customization, spraying process line installation engineering construction, etc.

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