Focus on the maintenance rules and precautions of plasma cleaners

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  Whether it is a vacuum plasma cleaning machine or an atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine, in order to make the production process of the plasma cleaning machine more efficient and make its service life longer. Regular and scientific maintenance of the plasma cleaning machine is an essential part. So in the process of maintaining the plasma cleaning machine, how should we maintain the plasma cleaning machine correctly? Next, let the plasma cleaning machine manufacturer The editor of Zhenyi shares, Rogen, will tell you!

Focus on the maintenance rules and precautions of plasma cleaners

  First of all, before understanding how to maintain the plasma cleaner, we need to understand the negative effects of not paying attention to the plasma cleaner and what protective measures need to be taken before the plasma cleaner is maintained or repaired.

  1. The negative effects of not paying attention to or maintaining the plasma cleaning machine at ordinary times:

  ①The service life of the plasma cleaner accelerates and declines

  ②It will affect the surface treatment effect of the workpiece

  ③It will affect the plasma processing speed

  ④It will affect the production efficiency of the enterprise

  ⑤It will lead to an increase in equipment failure rate

  ⑥Other supporting equipment of the process line may be affected

  ⑦Security issues

  After reading the above negative effects of not paying attention to and not maintaining the plasma cleaner, do you think it is imperative to regularly maintain the plasma cleaner? This is also a major manifestation of strengthening the standardized and efficient production of enterprises.

  2. What safety precautions should we take before maintaining and repairing the plasma cleaner:

  ① Check the power switch of the equipment and turn it off

  ②. Disconnect the main power protector

  ③, turn off all gases

  ④. Prepare the required toolbox

  Note: Before starting any maintenance or repairs, all relevant safety precautions must be taken.

Focus on the maintenance rules and precautions of plasma cleaners

  3. How to regularly maintain the plasma cleaner (how to set the date):

  ①Daily maintenance

  Ⅰ. Check whether the voltage of the machine parameter display screen is normal and whether it is within the voltage range of 220V±10%;

  Ⅱ. Check whether the plasma pressure is in the normal range. Rotary plasma machine pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa, direct injection plasma machine pressure 0.1-0.2Mpa;

  Ⅲ. Check whether the power plug of the plasma surface treatment machine is effectively grounded;

  Ⅳ. Confirm that the switch is normal and effective. After pressing the switch, check whether it is energized; whether the plasma flame is working normally, and rotate the plasma machine to observe whether the gun head rotates normally.

  Ⅴ. Check whether the distance between the nozzle of the plasma surface treatment machine and the material is within the normal range (direct spray distance 10-20mm, rotation distance 6-10mm);

  Ⅵ. Clean the internal dust, dirt, foreign matter, etc. of the equipment, use a vacuum cleaner, alcohol and dust-free cloth to remove the dust, dirt and foreign matter after the power is off;

  ② Weekly maintenance

  Ⅰ. Keep the machine clean and clean the surface and inside of the machine;

  Ⅱ. Check the water and oil pollution in the air filter weekly, and check the air compressor water and oil pollution once a week.

  Ⅲ. Check that the high-voltage cable routing between the nozzle and the host should be natural, and bend at a large angle is prohibited;

  ③Monthly maintenance

  Ⅰ. The fans and high-voltage transformers in the main engine are used to clean the dust on the surface every month, and the dust on the surface is removed every half month in the harsh environment;

  Ⅱ. It is recommended that you lubricate the bearings once every quarter;

  Ⅲ. Check whether the plasma flame intensity can meet the product processing standards. If the flame becomes shorter, the distance between the nozzle and the material needs to be shortened; the plasma copper core should be replaced once a year.

  The above is about the regular maintenance of the plasma cleaning machine, which is mainly divided into three cycles of daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Regular maintenance of the plasma cleaning machine will allow the company to have better sustainable development.

Focus on the maintenance rules and precautions of plasma cleaners

  4. To make a plasma cleaning machine, we must not only take safety precautions, but also read the precautions:

  ① There is high frequency and high voltage inside the plasma system. It is forbidden to open the back cover of the case for debugging and maintenance and to be reliably grounded. To prevent electric shock, do not operate with wet hands.

  ② The plasma flame temperature is very high, please do not use it in places with flammable and explosive materials.

  ③. Please do not touch the plasma flame with your hands to avoid electric and burn injuries.

  ④ When the plasma machine is moving and running, it is strictly forbidden to extend the body and other objects into the protective case to avoid unnecessary losses.

  ⑤ No specific system parameters can be changed at will without the permission of the equipment technician;

  ⑥. When the machine is improperly operated, which causes an emergency, immediately press to power off;

  ⑦The maintenance process of the plasma surface treatment machine must be carried out by professionals. Non-professionals are prohibited from disassembling the machine for maintenance operations to avoid unnecessary losses or personal injuries.

  The above is what Rogen, the editor of the plasma cleaner manufacturer (Zhenyi Stock, a leading brand in the industry for ten years), introduces you about the maintenance of the plasma cleaner, the safety precautions for maintenance, the disadvantages of non-maintenance, and the maintenance and repair of the plasma cleaner. Notes that need to be familiarized. I hope these contents can help you. For more dry goods, please continue to pay attention to the editor of Seismic Instrument Rogen.

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