How to choose a spraying machine?

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  The term “spraying machine” covers more fields, and involves a wide range of products, such as plasma spraying machine, AF spraying machine, AG coating spraying machine, protective ink spraying machine, putty powder spraying machine, automatic spraying machine, high-pressure airless spraying machine , Arc spraying machine, putty spraying machine, plaster spraying machine, paint spraying machine, latex paint spraying machine, polyurethane spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, polyurea spraying machine, electric spraying machine, cement mortar spraying machine, non-curing spraying machine. So how to choose a spraying machine?

How to choose a spraying machine?

  How to choose a spraying machine? Next, let the editor Rogen of the sprayer manufacturer (Zhenyi Co., Ltd.) tell you how to choose? In fact, only what suits you is the best. Only by meeting the development needs of one's own enterprise can the value be maximized. At the same time, while considering the maximization of value, the development plan of the enterprise must also be considered. This will prevent the selection of production line planning and production line upgrades so as not to make a second cost investment (higher cost).

  So how to choose a sprayer that suits you?

  1. Determine the industry to be used

  For example, if you are in the construction industry, you can preliminarily judge that you should use a mortar sprayer and putty powder spraying opportunities.

  2. Confirm the spray object

  For example, if the spraying object is a glass cover, then what you want to achieve is a coating process, which can be applied to AF spraying machines, AG coating spraying machines, protective ink spraying machines and other equipment.

  3. What function do you want to achieve by spraying machine

  For example, if your spraying object is a glass cover, if you want to realize the anti-fingerprint function, then you need AF spraying equipment.

  The above three points can help you choose the scope of application of the sprayer. Of course, you have your own industry. Choose the corresponding type of sprayer. This can be easily solved. In fact, the difficulty of comparing prices is how to choose a sprayer model that suits you?

  Industry: Glass industry

  Spraying object: 3D glass cover

  Realization function: anti-fingerprint/anti-glare

How to choose a spraying machine?

  After confirming the above three conditions, in fact, we already know what type of equipment you generally need. The next step is to further match your needs and match the equipment that suits you.

  1. Choose according to the product

  To achieve anti-fingerprint and anti-glare, you can choose anti-fingerprint spraying machine, anti-glare spraying machine and anti-fingerprint + anti-glare spraying machine.

  2. Choose according to the venue

  The site size of the enterprise factory is also a key factor in determining the choice of equipment

  3. Choose according to capacity

  The size of production capacity is related to the market competitiveness of an enterprise. Choosing one piece of equipment can equal the production capacity of 10 pieces of equipment. It is definitely better to choose one piece of equipment.

  4. Cost factors, etc.

  The cost of the company's choice of spraying machine is also a key role in deciding which equipment to choose.

  Zhenyi Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of AF spraying machines, AG coating spraying machines, and protective ink spraying machines.

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