In the field of glass cover plate anti-fingerprint coating process how to make liquid molecules more fine?

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  In fact, many products in the field of glass cover have been deeply integrated into our life. Many electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, display screens and smart watches that we often see in our daily life are actually applied to glass cover. Glass cover glass covers the most difficult mobile phone cover glass, vehicle cover glass, Pad/ laptop cover glass, TV cover glass, and finally wearable cover glass and industrial control cover glass. From life to application to industry, have been inseparable.

In the field of glass cover plate anti-fingerprint coating process how to make liquid molecules more fine?

  The application market of glass cover plate is so broad and the market is so big. The major glass cover plate manufacturers are pursued by the market users, keep up with the pace of the market users, and are committed to developing glass cover plate products that meet the needs of the market, and the technology also needs to walk in the forefront of the market. In this case, it is not difficult to find that in the application scenario of the glass cover just introduced, the use frequency is very high. The high use frequency means that a large number of fingerprint stains will be produced over time, which will cause great adverse effects on the display effect and appearance experience of the screen.

  In view of this big problem, many glass cover plate manufacturers, follow the forefront of the market, began to introduce anti-fingerprint coating process, after looking for a circle in the market, it was found that the market for AF anti-fingerprint, AG anti-glare, AR anti-reflection and ink spraying process equipment manufacturers, the strength of the stock is very strong. In this industry is a leading brand, is more reliable.

  Glass cover plate manufacturers know that to achieve glass cover plate coating process spraying equipment, after recognizing the shock meter shares, some glass cover plate manufacturers will have requirements, in the case of not affecting the spraying potion, how to make liquid molecules more fine? Then let the shaker stock small series Rogen to tell you, how to solve this problem shaker stock!

  How to make the liquid molecules finer without affecting the spray solution? For this problem, in fact, shares in the seismograph in many types of equipment has solved this problem, if you need to choose and buy of seismograph shares AF plasma spraying equipment for your fingerprint resistant coating glass cover, seismic instrument co using plasma spraying coating machine can make your liquid molecules become more sophisticated, as you'd like to know more related content, please continue to focus on seismic instrument! If you want to consult plasma spraying coating equipment please contact us as soon as possible!

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